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Welcome to MATRIX OF 1© A blog for counter programming any matrix of many.
This Blog is one of 3 active on SI, each blog contains specific field information relating to a subject.
Blog #2 Subject 58495
Blog #3 Subject 57354
Dont Post Comments to Free Float Trading and Portfolio Development Strategies ©
Matrix of 1©

Inertia...…measure it.

This thread is a continuous archive about specific Quantum Counter Programming Portfolios © (QCPP). QCPP© methodologies, incorporate methods & practice to counter program prevailing systemics,its goals include the application of free float dynamics, provide tax efficiency, and introduce Quantum logics as standard practice in opposition to the linear logics of limitation, incorporated as standard practice by almost everyone else.

We do HAPUC.

Any Questions via SI PM only. Subject line should read Matrix of 1© communication..

This thread was formerly written for subscribers only.

It should now be viewed as an historical backgrounder to the emerging dynamics of QCPP. The QCPP© product has been in development since this threads inception, its evolution was never a guarantee, itself emerging from the iterated practices of a portfolio manager working alone against market systemics has made this possible.

QCPP methods of operation are about Counter programming the limitations imposed by a trade committed to linear logics applied as a self referencing systems. The content within this blog is to provide advanced education through which you can assess your own managers acumen for administering your money.

All portfolios are fundamentally & simply characterized within prevailing market, service logics; we call CPDM entanglement.

Thanks for everyones inputs, I look forward to sustaining our many relationships.

Email Address to get information or ask questions is as follows;

Ever heard of the Free Float? This question in these times leads one to recall the old adage "Experts built the Titanic, amatuers built the Arc."

I have since joining SI around 2003 have been the only practitioner, that I've ever run into, who relies on the metric of the free float as a primary discriminator in constructing trading and investing portfolios. I put these together from Supply Imbalances that exist in the marketplace. My various iterations of "SIP" stand for Supply Imbalance Portfolios. The portfolio SIP1 has been made a private portfolio. SIP1 is but one of three SIP portfolios, the other portfolios are development portfolios whose issues will move onto the active portfolio as stock signals & current trajectories warrant. The goal of the portfolio is to multiply units owned over time. "All action happens against the float", for me, this captures the essential character of tradeing in a functioning Supply Demand market. Devising strategies and tactics that capture the opportunity of making money is wholly linked to the current trend of the business cycle on a company by company basis. Here is our overall performance from SIP 04;

Going Forward; this paper contains a conceptual road map of our distributed network of applied understanding and intellectual process;

Fundamentals combined with rapid asset allocation movements determine where assets in a current trend should be placed. Recognizing the current state of any given security against others in a portfolio is key. All Action happens in the passing of time where a companies current state will dictate it's impending state those states are Accumulation, Distribution, Obfuscation or Neutral.
This Portfolio is designed to focus ones attention on the Trees, not the forest.

As a Student of Systems I try to find the Hand of man;
This piece aptly describes how Systems are formed:
Message 21217660
And this piece establishes the protocols to goal seeking interference in what had been previously codified to establish degrees of freedom necessary for free markets to function. Message 25544085

Von Mises teaches us that "All Economics is rooted in Human Action," he calls this the science of Praxeology. Markets are best characterized as multi valued reference spaces; and they have there own song that characterizes this best;
Ludwigs writings

He talks about the impossibility of econometrics, he surmises; rightfully that no statistics can measure the future impact of the hand of man; his needs wants and desires and ultimately his choices. The following paper is an admission that in fact Econometrics has engaged in producing fiction, by way of ignoring missing information, thereby conclusive outcomes might appear valid up to the point that outside bandwidth is applied and exposes the half truths.

In our time; economists attempt to model everything; with the goal to frame a statistical foundation for whatever surmise their efforts endow. From: Tim Fowler 4/6/2010 7:22:17 PM

"...As you may know, I don’t think much of the official methodology in macroeconomics. Many of my fellow economists seem to have a Popperian view of the social sciences. You develop a model. You go out and get some data. And then you try to refute the model with some sort of regression analysis. If you can’t refute it, then the model is assumed to be supported by the data, although papers usually end by noting “further research is necessary,” as models can never really be proved, only refuted.

My problem with this view is that it doesn’t reflect the way macro and finance actually work. Instead the models are often data-driven. Journals want to publish positive results, not negative. So thousands of macroeconomists keep running tests until they find a “statistically significant” VAR model, or a statistically significant “anomaly” in the EMH. Unfortunately, because the statistical testing is often used to generate the models, and determine which get published, the tests of statistical significance are meaningless..."

Lets watch the evolution of this important information source representing the breakthrough required; to move to Holistic understanding; Where Viewpoints and data become data as viewpoints.
Mr Pensinger,""The variables in the quantum wave equation are multivalued: for every value of x there are a multiplicity of corresponding values for y. Two different notions of identity are involved here, one simple and one complex. An entity with simple-identity, when in motion, carries very little holistic information about the system of which it is a part. An entity with complex-identity, when in motion, carries a large component of holistic information about the system to which it belongs." .... Sadly, Geocities is shut down, and WMP's content has not been re located.......Invitation stands Mr P, to submit papers, essays, or whatever for publication.
Understanding the gross systemics by way of positive logical identification, we arrive where we are.
this compilation post spells it out nicely.
Message 24927366
Further; Mr Pensinger led us to this paper which for our intents and purposes over rules prevailing systems logics that deterministicly short circuit functioning Supply and Demand by using the tools of obfuscation to muddy an identity and its motion.

Need Help? Seth Loyds Presentation called The Black Hole of Finance Must view in conjunction with MQSPresentations
Black Hole of finance: outlined here,

Von Mises teaches us the Acting Man capitulates to no predictive models; and that the appearance that he does, is always temporary. Unfortuneately Von Mises characterization does not describe properly or contain the oligarchic hegemony that has become the worlds contagion, at least within the span of a lifetime; Contrivance as Sytsem Antics is ever present, the game changes the actors, but the actors never change. For perspective on the duration of such antics, review this script that illustrates one original oligarchic period of hegemony, that just now; in 2009 is about to be destroyed.

Knowing this has led me to the conclusion that those who see the markets as a system within systems, using Supply and demand as a base line, protects you not from the outright fabrication of price action over time, but provides the understanding that prices are artifacts of prevailing systems intent whose sole purpose is to capture the forward demand dynamics of growth companies under the quantum umbrella known now and here after as / by the variable, Times role, in shaping Capital..

The Hand of man is always present; goals, wants, desires, expressions, all lead to Intent. Intent cant exist in a vacume; so, we must identify its communications mechanisms to understand its goals and its effects cast along its trajectory. The daily machinations of the trade operate according to rules; here is a page from the rule book; Message 20382730
Decades of programming and research purposed to defeat Supply and demand.
Nash Equilibrium as adopted by Hedge funds

Free Markets are fair markets. Fear markets are not.

All intent is designed to construct favorable effects to meet systems ends. Seeing the market as a System of Systems changes everything. Here is where all the data are adjudicated. Until one comes to terms with these facts, your views dont matter, your opinions, just iterated GIGO.

The Nasdaq Market Float Since 1997 The Math of the Market
Mon/Yr..Trade Days..# Compy..TotlVol...AverD Vol

Jul-97. 22.....6388... 14,659,052,996.. 666,320,591
Mar-98. 21.....6143... 17,694,084,535.. 842,575,454
Jul-99. 21.....5400... 21,249,135,986.. 1,001,863,618
Jan-00. 20.....5233.…. 33,859,912,232.. 1,692,995,612
Jul-03. 22.....3671... 38,984,813,325.. 1,772,036,969
Jan-04. 20.....3560... 46,649,555,963.. 2,332,477,798
Jul-05. 20.....3441.…. 33,681,072,462.. 1,684,053,623
Apr-06. 19.....3384... 40,846,016,058.. 2,149,790,319
Jul-07. 21.....3348... 46,780,102,818.. 2,227,623,944
Jan-08. 21.....3299... 56,616,100,438.. 2,696,004,783
Nov-08. 19.....3199... 42,460,731,579.. 2,234,775,346
Jul-09. 22.....3024... 48,456,198,558.. 2,202,554,480
Apr-10. 21.....2982... 53,597,263,077.. 2,552,250,623
May-10.........2977....57,205,068,222.. 2,860,253,411* Flash Crash 5-6 4.5bil 2943companies
Mar 2011....2914..40,289,690,615..ADV 2,120,510,032
May 2011 ...2881 43,314,364,851 ADV 2,062,588,802
July 11...... .2857 38,302,934,478...ADV 1,915,146,724
Oct 2011.....2842 44,691,480,4311 ADV 2,128,165,735
APR 2012....2804 34,686,739,001 ADV 1,734,336,950
Jul 2012......2790 34,834,229,792 ADV 1,658,728,847
Nov 2012 21Days 2740 companies Totl Mnth vol 36,150,040,710 avg dv 1,721,468,605
Jan 2013 21Days 2716 companies TotlMnthVol 39,589,749,754 Avg Dly Vol 1,885,226,179
Mar 2013 21 Days 2684 companies New Record low
MAY 2013 22Days 2.727 companies 39,396,427,609 totl vol Avg Dly Vol 1,791,415,451
July 2013 22Days2,737 companies 36,055,422,920 totl vol Avg Daily Vol 1,054,257,713

To this end Pensinger writes;

Look, if F. A. von Hayek's Everettian notion, the “time-shapes of total capital stock”, is correct -- and it almost certainly is from all but the most myopic of Newtonian perspectives -- then there also are the time-shapes of total supersystem-system-subsystem risk and exchange-value over total capital stock. Description of each and all of these would require a linear-time independent (and “transcendental” in the N. H. Abel sense) quantum wave equation -- and domain decomposition of the supersystem-system-subsystem composite would require topologically active quantal operator-time as fundamental enabler of the quantum potential in the relative-state of the time-shapes of total capital stock. Von Hayek time-shapes here replace the idea of multiple universes falsely attributed to Hugh Everett's paradigm-bursting notion, “relative-state”. This means there are different “phases” (e.g., in simile to solid, liquid, gas, supersolid, superconductor, et cetera) of capital, risk, and exchange-value, that these three -- like massenergy -- cannot actually be created or destroyed, only undergo phase changes or be transferred through supersystem-system-subsystem composite by topological operations of temporal curl. Derivatives (a subliminal projective-identification parody of fiber-bundle arithmetics and a regressed inversion of the domain decomposition methods in numerical analysis, i.e., calculus), for instance, not only concentrate and transfer risk from subsystem to system to supersystem, they do so by changing the phase of exchange-value from, say, “solid” to “liquid” (which change is presently viewed by economists working exclusively with passive, referential linear-time as “creation of liquidity”). But the volume and supersystemic concentration of derivative liquidity is not the only thing about derivatives bound to drown central bank initiatives at exchange-value phase change (e.g., “printing” of fiat money); there is also the base-state “holding time” factor and the velocity, acceleration, and time rate of change of acceleration of the liquidity “created” by phase-change operations (enabled by 3-fold temporal curl's topological transforms over von Hayek total capital stock on a Lukasiewiczian m-logically-valued referencing Hilbert space). Liquidity is presently looked at primarily in terms of types and volumes, the dynamical aspects being very much relatively neglected. Even in a 1T2-valued logical framework (as is our current nonsystem monetary system -- no authentic supersystem-system-subsystem composite) there are at least Cartesian vertical and horizontal boundary value problems, transfer rates, rates of such rates, and rates of rates of such rates relatively neglected, these nested rates determining various topological properties of the composite.

Here is a piece on the systemic intent expressed by naked short sellers, which serves a community of interests, against the interests of investors; The Video on Failure to Deliver is disconnected and so we will use this presentation by Mr Byrne which is a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding investor fortunes with respect to wall street.

The Greatest Crime in History (edit; aka... Too Corrupt to Remedy)
Crime of the Century" Bud Burrell with Jim Puplava.

the disconnected link content was here; (is being retained for reference only)

Fortunately to know a system is to understand its sensory organs, the output mechanisms, the input mechanisms and to what degree each functions in the real world. Our VR hosts defined.

The essence of Systems is captured in a tract from John Galls seminal book SYSTEMANTICS©, now available as The Systems Bible ©.
As a student of Systems; I became a believer in the following description of all systems, as was presented in the book called SYSTEMANTICS © by John Gall; it goes like this; Inside Systems pg 48 & 49 to Order

RO/RS = CF is as important to Social Systems as E=MC2 was to Science as contrivance.
The Market is a Social System.
Dr Byrnes Deep Capture site illustrates how a dedicated individual can by focusing on a systems organs of output, can fully debug systemic corruption.

We can know a thing by its character, and its character is defined by its Sensory organs. The description below nails down what to look for, and leads the seeker to a place where proper characterization can be made. Logic is the art of non contradictory identification.
As an aid to measuring social systems performance, and thereby elevate our social systems, we set about correcting contradictions both real and contrived by iteration. We add the tool described here, known as Locard's Exchange Principle Message 24345914
use it wisely, because it contains truths of self evidence.

RO/RS=CF now described below.

Corollary #1
All systems are only as good as their sensory Organs.
A System is no Better than its sensory organs
Corollary #2
To those within a system, outside reality tends to pale and disappear;

In an effort to introduce quantitative methodology into this important area of research a group of dedicated systemologists has paid particular attention to the amount of information that reaches, or fails to reach the relevant systems administrators also classified as Control Units (CU) of any particular system.

The crucial variable they have found is the fraction Ro/Rs where Ro equals the amount of reality which fails to reach the control unit. And Rs equals the total amount of reality presented to the system.

The fraction Ro/Rs varies from 0 (full awareness of outside reality) to unity ( no reality getting through) The result is known naturally enough, as the COEFFICIENT OF FICTION (CF)

Positive Feedback (P.F. )obviously competes with reality R for input into the system. The higher the PF the larger the quantity of reality which fails to gain entrance into the system Ro, and thus the higher the resulting CF. In systems employing PF; values of CF in excess of 0.99 have been recorded. Examples include evangelistic religious movements, certain authoritarian government systems and the executive suites of some very large corporations.

The bigger the System, the narrower and more specialized the interface with individuals…. End of Gall tracts

This little diversion about going Inside systems links nicely with our own development of the Obfuscation metric as applied to the System that is wall street, and the media which is but a sensory output organ of the system.

The following essay © by Mr John Bonython was presented twice by The Center for Independent Studies, given in Oct 2005, it covers some important subjects ranging from Medias role in forming our perception by subjecting us to intrinsic bias, to the general benefits of Capitalism versus any alternatives. It introduces key concepts which are inextricably linked to the metrics we call Forward Demand while explaining the inseperable Hand /Mind of Man's role, present in all things economic.
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