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A Quote to Remember:
"In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."
-- The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America

Congress is treating the People with insolence, indignity and contempt.

As you read what these congressmen have written, keep in mind the following, which is a brief summary of the full range of grievances the People formally "nailed to the door of the Congress" on April 15, 2002 -- i.e., the basis of the People's petition for a remedy:

Using threats of criminal prosecution, financial penalties, and incarceration, the government compels the People to sign and file a tax return, effectively forcing citizens to "voluntarily" waive their Fifth Amendment rights.
The government bases its authority for the income tax solely on the 16th Amendment, which was fraudulently ratified. When asked to determine the question of the fraudulent adoption of the 16th Amendment, a federal Court of Appeals said that was a "political question" for Congress to decide.
The income tax on labor in all respects functions as a "slave tax." This is in direct violation of the Constitution's 13th Amendment prohibiting peonage and involuntary servitude.
The IRS' daily operating practices routinely deny the average citizen due process of law.
Legislative jurisdiction is required to tax. The federal government enjoys this Constitutional power in only a very small list of geographical areas that include Washington DC. Congress has no legislative jurisdiction inside the 50 states.
There is NO U.S. income tax law or income tax regulation that explicitly imposes the income tax on the general American populace.
The IRS blatantly disregards the 4th Amendment in violation of the Constitution by routinely seizing wages, bank accounts and property without valid court orders or warrants.
Although they have no bona fide delegated legal authority, IRS Agents are fraudulently trained by IRS management to create "Substitute Returns" for individuals who fail to file tax returns. Many U.S. citizens have been falsely convicted of tax "crimes" based directly on assessment documents fraudulently certified by IRS agents as lawful evidence of proper assessments and presented to U.S. District Courts.
The IRS unlawfully alters its computer records to skirt legal protections programmed into the tax computer systems and maintains records in ways that eventually lead to unlawful tax enforcement actions by the agency.
The evidence documents IRS fraud and abuse including: manipulation of taxpayers' master files, illegal time-barred assessments, underpayment of interest owed to taxpayers, illegal levies and liens against taxpayers' social security benefits, illegal civil penalties, fraudulent certifications of records and more.
Even for crimes where the punishment includes incarceration, tax defendants are routinely denied the right to present defenses based on the Constitution.
The deliberate redefinition and misuse of the word "includes" in the tax code leads the masses to falsely believe the IRS has jurisdiction over things, places and People it does not.
As written, the statutes in the USC instruct tax payers to use regulation Section 861 to determine if their income is taxable. Per the plain language of the regulations, wages, salaries and even capital gains earned by ordinary Americans within the fifty states are not taxable because they do not arise from a taxable activity that the federal government has jurisdiction over.
For your examination and consideration:

FLORIDA: Representative Adam Putnam responded to his constituents Randall and Maria Giles. He wrote in part, "I agree with you that the federal income tax system and the Internal Revenue Service are in need of major reform... I am hopeful that during the 107th Congress we will take up legislation that will not only improve the tax code but also will vastly improve the agency's responsiveness... In 1913, the states ratified the 16th Amendment, which gave Congress the authority to enact an income tax... On April 2, 2002 the Government Reform Committee, of which I am a member, held a hearing on the IRS's progress in addressing management issues... fundamental changes are underway in all aspects of the IRS's operations. These changes will hopefully provide taxpayers accurate and prompt information to assist them in filing, paying, and resolving issues in a time and manner convenient for them... I am confident that the 107th Congress can examine this issue and implement a comprehensive reform plan that addresses some of your concerns..." Click here to read Putnam's response.

Ed. note: Rep. Putnam appears oblivious to the fact that the Hearing record presented firm evidence of the fraudulent adoption of the 16th Amendment and widespread unconstitutional and criminal activity at IRS and DOJ. Management issues at IRS are not the problem. One cannot "reform" unlawful behavior by government. Most students of history call this tyranny.

IDAHO: Senator Mike Crapo responded to his constituent Ron Laird. He wrote, "Thank you for contacting me with your suggestion for simplifying the tax code... There are currently many tax relief proposals in Congress that deserve careful consideration. I am dedicated to reforming the tax code to lower the burden on all Americans and making the tax code fairer, flatter, and simpler." Click here to read Crapo's response.

Ed. Note: The Senator is confused. The only simplification needed here is for Rep. Crapo to tell his constituent whether the People still have a Constitution or not. His so-called "dedication" to the continued functioning of the tax system might begin with a review of his oath of office and the U.S. Constitution. It may help him as well to actually look at the Hearing record.

TENNESSEE: Senator Fred Thompson responded to his constituents Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Woddle. He wrote in full, "Thank you for taking the time to visit my office while you were in Washington. The welcome mat is always out for you and other Tennesseans. I hope you will always include my office in your plans when you are in the Nation's capital. If my staff or I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. While I always welcome your visits to my office, I would also suggest that you click on my web page at to gain more information about my work and about ways my office can provide assistance." Click here to read Thompson's response.

Ed. Note: This is certainly the most outrageous response received from any congressman.

All Rep. Thompson has to say is, "Thanks for stopping by." The reality is this: The People may not have a Constitution anymore, and are witnessing the real-time "meltdown" of their unalienable rights. Reams of legal evidence -- and sworn testimony of ex-IRS agents, attorneys, CPAs, etc. -- all document that this nation is being financed by a tax system that is borne of fraud, enforced unlawfully and administered in violation of virtually every single protection of the Constitution. In response, all Rep. Thompson has to say to this is, "Thanks for stopping by."

Possibly when Senator Thompson returns home he can explain to the sovereign citizens of Tennessee how the Tennessee legislature could legally approve a vote to approve the 16th Amendment when:

1) they violated Article II, Sections 28 and 29 of the Tennessee Constitution, which prohibits the legislature from voting to impose an income tax on the people of Tennessee;

2) they violated Article II, Section 32 of the Tennessee Constitution by denying the people an opportunity to vote for new state legislators between the time the proposed 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was submitted to the state legislature and the time the state legislature voted to approve the Amendment; and

3) they violated Article II, Section 18 of the Tennessee Constitution by failing to read (and pass), on three different days, the bill containing the proposed 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

NEW YORK: Representative Michael McNulty, who is on the House Ways and Means Committee, responded to his constituent Burr Deitz. He wrote, " I am in receipt of your communication regarding the constitutionality of the Federal income tax. The Supreme Court has ruled on this issue. You may be assured that I will continue to support a fair and equitable tax code." Click here to read McNulty's response.

Ed. Note: The constituent did not ask if the tax was fair or equitable. The constituent asked Rep. McNulty to answer the 537 questions. Contrary to the claim, the Supreme Court has not ruled on the issues addressed in the People's hearing. Rep. McNulty should fulfill his duty as a Congressional representative by providing citations to support his claims, and he should find the ways and means to run a Constitutionally valid system of taxation.

TEXAS: Representative Mac Thornberry responded to his constituent Robert Baker. He wrote in part, "Thank you for contacting me about the IRS... I agree with you that we need to lower taxes and reform the IRS. Since I was first elected, the issue of tax reform is one which people have raised quite often. Last year, Congress past (sic) the largest tax cut since 1981... While this was a good start, more needs to be done to make the tax system fairer for all Americans." Click here to read Thornberry's response.

Ed. Note: The issue at at hand is not the level of taxes, "reform" of the IRS or tax cuts.

The issue is the Constitution of this nation. The issue is the laws and regulations of this nation. The issue is whether the government has the legal authority to force this tax upon a free People. The issue is whether the federal government has legal jurisdiction to tax within the 50 states. The issue at hand is the People's rights, liberties and the future of this Republic.

The People demand that Senator Thornberry uphold his oath of office and the Constitution. The People demand that he get the DOJ and IRS to answer these questions or get them out of their lives. It is time for the government to do the talking. The People still await his response.

OKLAHOMA: Senator James Inhofe responded to his constituents Richard Gardner, Donald Huff and Kenneth Grice with identical letters. He wrote in part, " As I am sure you are aw
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