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Taking Back America
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Emcee:  Frederick Smart Type:  Unmoderated
The time has come for the ONE Light of FREEDOM to roll-up all the darkness, all the doubt and all the evil which has been stalking our world. It's time for the Light of the ONE Source of Truth and Love to be revealed in all of it's infinite glory and honor.

For beginning tomorrow, April 24, 2002, we are entering the Final 1260 Day cycle as written in Revelations 11. And the magnificently simple energy, light, truth and Love from the End-Source which is our ONE Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ will be spreading massively all over our planet in the wake of the passing of this day.

It's time for mankind to wake-up and acknowledge the inalienable rights and freedoms which are perfectly aligned with our divine souls which were made in the image of our Father in Heaven Jesus Christ who created everything in existence.

Again, there's going to be a massive awakening all over our planet to these "New yet Old" simple, transcendent spiritual truths concerning our inalienable rights which our ONE Lord God in Heaven has bestowed on every individual. The key will be what authority mankind acknowledges: Man or God. It will be a choice between FREEDOM versus SLAVERY. And all of mankind's hidden dark agendas of claim, blame and shame will be rearing their ugly heads. And there will be much fear and we will all be called to make simple choices which will all boil down to being free in the truth or dying and remaining slaves to these lies.

In preparation toward this end I have been called beginning on December 5, 1996 - ie. 41 years after the beginning of the Montgomery Bus boycott - to lay down a record here on SI and elsewhere on the Internet about this "I Have a Dream" Vision of FREEDOM which the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about.


Subject 2560

Should God Be Replaced?

Subject 36328

Repeal The Federal Reserve Act

Subject 50470

All of mankind is being called to leave the IRON Age of cold, hard lifeless truth and enter into this New GOLDEN Age of Peace, Light, Spirit, Truth and Water. The New Jerusalem Age began on April 29, 1979 and the first day of The Age of Aquarius was March 21, 2000. I will be sharing bits and pieces of the proof behind the numerical correspondence of these truths on this thread, but I don't want to let too much of this distract from the opportunity we all have to join hands - one to one, one to many, many to one - to "Take Back America" and freely receive and share with our fellow neighbors these infinite truths of our Lord's mercy, forgiveness and love for each one of us as individuals who are all special for we were all made in His Divine image.

I have been called to receive and share information from a variety sources about the tools we will all need to cross this divide of darkness and doubt which the claim, blame and shame which "Spirit of The Beast" has been enslaving this world with for centuries. There are six which I will be threading through on this site as follows:

The stars and the planets are all aligned perfectly for the advent of this final cycle which will carry with it great tribulation, energy and truth.

Today we are 1247 - ie. 29 prime cycles of 43 prime - days from 20050921 which is exactly 14 days from the end of the 14000 day cycle which began on 19670607 - the 1967 Arab-Israeli War - and ends on The Feast of Trumpets, 20051005, which is 1485 days past The Day of Trumpets, 20010911. Do the math: 1485 - 1247 = 238 = 119 (x2) and 238 equals 17 "New Beginning" prime (x14) which mirrors/supports this 14 to 14000 cycle. And if you go to ONE (1) day past The Feast Of Trumpets you the math becomes 239 prime which is the EXACT number of days that our ONE Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ lived in his final year here on earth which ended on the Day of The Crucifixion, April 7, in 30 AD.

Mankind is entering a New Golden Age...

GOLD (7634) = 347 Prime (x22) - which is like GO (76) Walter Payton # 34 of the BEARS (25191) which is 311 prime (x81). The "25" of Bears (25191) is like 5 X 5 which reads like "55" which mirrors 1955 - 1-Alpha and 9-Omega conjoined with 55 - which was the great "I AM" 23 prime (x85) year at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. And the "191" of Bears (25191) is the prime of the word GOD (764) = 191 Prime (x4). And the 347 prime of GOLD is the prime of 3 which equates to Love (3645) conjoined with 47 prime which is the number of years between now and 1955.

The year 2001 marked the beginning of mankind moving through the 88th cycle of "I AM" 23 prime years since our Lord Jesus Christ created the provincial calendar through the perfect conduit of mankind's freedom. This is in perfect synch with the Divine Birth of our Lord which was August 11 in 6 BC.

And we are pointing to the year 2005-2006 which will be the 230th - "I AM" 23 prime X 10 - year since the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Please note that our ONE Lord God in Heaven Jesus Christ's Divine Providence and Government is perfect. In non-leap years there are always 191 Prime days between December 25th, the provincial day we celebrate the Divine Birth of our Lord, and July 4th which is our Declaration of Independence. And, again, 191 is the prime of ONE Word - ie. GOD (764) = 191 Prime (x4).

There's a massive unified matrix of His Energy, Light, Truth and Love which will reveal itself naturally throughout all of nature and throughout all of history. For we are in the Fifth Age of this New Jerusalem which is the Age of Energy, Light and Water which will synthesize and bring together all these frayed and tattered and divided strands into a massively unified and perfect tapestry of our ONE Lord God in Heaven's perfect and infinite mercy, forgiveness and Love for ALL of mankind.

So recite and proclaim The Lord's Prayer!!

And say this every morning:

"Father I have no plans of my own, save those you shall reveal to me!"

I now I will close with ONE beautiful image to get your mind aligned with this ONE Light of our Lord's simple truth.....

Pajamas, Robes and Slippers (PRS)

From here on out be sure to wear your 1) Pajamas for the free and fun angelic heavenly child in all of us which seeks to play, sing and dance with wonder and glee and excitement; 2) Robes for the wisdom and understanding we freely receive from our Father in Heaven Jesus Christ which we are called to share without any claims or conditions; and 3) Slippers for the humility and groundedness we all must have to clear, connect and balance 1 & 2.

Again, we are leaving the IRON Age. IRON (9965) = 1993 Prime (x5) - which was nine (9) years ago nad when 99 as in 9 X 11 turns 65 (ON) which it did on September 11th the Day of Trumpets when a spiritual divide between FEAR and LIGHT was emblazoned in the heavens. This was like the Red Sea parting and we are either going to be "LEFT BEHIND" admidst all the madness, darkness, fear and insanity of the Old Claim, Blame, Shame models of mankind's distrust-control or we will transcend and rise higher and higher with the angels of heaven as we "Reach For the Stars" with this New Age spirit of our Lord's Energy, Light and Love!!


Our ONE Lord God in Heaven Is Perfect ALWAYS!!
Peace, Light, ONE-LOVE, GO!!
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