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This thread is not to debate the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. We already know it allows us the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. So save your arguments for a thread that gives a crap about your anti-Gun BS position. We will not answer you and I for the first time ever will ban anyone that posts anything other than the love of target shooting, hunting and maybe even a little fishing talk. Because I've been known the blast a few salmon in my day.(Only in the snagging zone of course..<g>)

I'm an avid shooter. I target shoot at least four times a month.
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833Shooting big bore rifles / small cannons [youtube video] [youtube TimF-September 3
832Death from Above 4
831Swine Jihad....Beware the night 4
830[graphic][graphic]Hello, I shoot Shotgun Sports, HandGun, Precision BR 50yd, almChas.-9/24/2017
829Repeaters back in the 1600s ------------ he Kalthoff Repeater In the early TimF-4/26/2016
8284210 yd hit on target. On November 22nd, Jim Spinella hit a 36” plate at 4210 yaTimF-3/31/2016
827Heading down to FL next week...Plan on checking out the "Guntryclub" wDitchdigger-3/17/2016
826Poor baby. Carolyn-2/22/2016
825Morning Joan, I'm in Vermont,you can tell from the body rot on my truck!(ha,Ditchdigger-2/22/2016
824Where do you live?Joan Osland Graffius-2/21/2016
823Reminds me of a brisket I popped into the oven just now...... Well, he's a Shoot1st-2/21/2016
822Young moose standing in the middle of the road out front of my house this morninDitchdigger-2/21/2016
821I go to a lot of auctions for varied reasons. Mostly, we bought a little acreageShoot1st-2/18/2016
820Local weekly auction has some very nice guns for sale this coming weekend. They Ditchdigger-2/18/2016 about a voice from the past. It's been years.....many years. GoShoot1st-2/4/2016
818Still spraying. How about you???? beeennnn quiet but paying attn!!!Joe Copia-2/3/2016
817Freedom Arms, 475 Linebaugh and go! Opinions, experience, worth the $$ for premJeffA-1/29/2016
816You carry 2 between the fingers of your left hand.Ish-1/25/2016
815If a reliable 2 pipe was made today that was in the price range of an 870, I&#Shoot1st-1/24/2016
814Years ago I got a short barreled 12 side by side. An underboss who reported to GIsh-1/24/2016
813The article, short as it is, covers all the pertinent reasons why Glock is a weaShoot1st-12/14/2015
812Any opinions about this piece? bearingarms.comTimF-12/14/2015
811Gunfighter School Townhall Magazine Nov 13, 2014 Gun owners can learn a lot abouTimF-12/4/2015
810NO. Never owned one. Probably the best way to know if your loads are safe is toShoot1st-8/7/2015
809ever reload 454 casull? I found a recipe that said 28 gr H110. Then I check thJeffA-8/7/2015
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