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761The biggest hazard from here is that Bush starts to believe his own brag. InternJerome-5/10/2002
760Dont worry, Jerome we will give you a pass for your alfalfa fields, but poppy fimichael97123-5/10/2002
759Mike...are you not concerned that Bush and the military are dramatically over esJerome-5/10/2002
758If Bush team is right about sadams rush to nukes should we attack asap? I throw michael97123-5/10/2002
757Must read re:anti-semitism in NY Times op ed David Kertzer. I dont doubt the armichael97123-5/9/2002
756Mike...Israel is being less than honest about Arafat and has weakened his positiJerome-5/8/2002
755Jerome, Hamas has support from syria and iran. But palestine is not contiguous tmichael97123-5/8/2002
754Fred, Forget settlements for the moment. What about the land that they are on. Imichael97123-5/8/2002
753Mike's rally is on the way.....Now he can say I told you so!!!!!!! Good ArtJerome-5/8/2002
752Mike-- Not only should Israel not expand, it should remove the settlements. ThFred Levine-5/8/2002
751BTW Jerome, The market 1-13-1(tie) record about to go positive at least for a michael97123-5/8/2002
750What Israel should have done in retrospect after the 1967 war was to annex at lemichael97123-5/8/2002
749>>Israel Has Nothing to Hide <<< So in summary he (Yuval SteinitJerome-5/7/2002
748Mike...>>Should the Israelis continue the settlements <<< No theJerome-5/7/2002
747Fred, Our view leads to a new question now. Should the Israelis continue the setmichael97123-5/7/2002
746Mike-- I have changed my mind in your direction. The issue, IMO, is simple. IFred Levine-5/7/2002
745Required reading from the NY Times: Israel Has Nothing to Hide Fred Levine-5/7/2002
744Jerome, Think of how happy you will be when oracle and sun hit 20 and jdsu touchmichael97123-5/3/2002
743>>><now, on with the rally><<< If peace does break out Jerome-5/3/2002
742I wouldn't hold out hope for a final peace just yet. I would settle for onewillcousa-5/3/2002
741<now, on with the rally> Uh, can you point me in that direction? :' )willcousa-5/3/2002
740Jerome, I was never sure that israel played the strategic role specifically durimichael97123-5/3/2002
739>>>out what would be the state of affairs in the mideast today?<<Jerome-5/3/2002
738So let me get this straight, both you and fred agree with me about everything. Wmichael97123-5/3/2002
737Mike are right.... I used to listen to those fire and brimstone Sunday nJerome-5/3/2002
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