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Remember the way it used to be? You could go into a store and pick up a six pack of any beer made. And they actually all tasted good. Full Flavor,amber, malty taste like Falstaff, Schlitz, Hamm's,Bud, Pabst, even the cheap beer... Fox Deluxe... buy 6 and get a 7th free tasted pretty good. Nowadays the beer you buy in stores tastes weak! The water is said to have a lot to do with the taste. There weren't any micro brewery's in those days,the neighbor may make home brew in the basement. It was all cans and bottles and the beers sold tasted like beer.
This is a discussion about Beer. Beer Is Food. And where did the good ones go?
All comments welcome.
So go grab a cold one and meet us here at the corner bar.
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116Message 21749867Joe Btfsplk-9/29/2005
115<i>If you ever run across Moose Drool, suggest you try one.</i> HeyJoe Btfsplk-8/27/2005
114Despite being remembered as a brewer, Samuel Adams was probably not a very good exdaytrader76-8/21/2005
113Schlitz allegedly went back to the old formula after just a few years. Within tJoe Btfsplk-7/4/2005
112Wow, I always wondered how they screwed things up so quickly. I thought it was Geoff Altman-7/4/2005
111<i>Schlitz ...hired some new brewmaster and the beer went straight down thJoe Btfsplk-7/4/2005
110Have to agree on that one. I used to love OLD STYLE, STROHS and Hamms.... Land oTadsamillionaire-7/2/2005
109Talking of big biz, if you ever get stuck in the UK you can go to any one of theThe Pre Beakerite-7/1/2005
108"Full Flavor,amber, malty taste like Falstaff, Schlitz, Hamm's,Bud, PabGeoff Altman-7/1/2005
107I agree with him. No Guiness, no meeting!Tadsamillionaire-7/1/2005
106No beer? No lunch! A lunch meeting between a leading parliamenTigerPaw-6/30/2005
105Putin waters down Russia's beer ban Tue Jan 11, 1:23 PM ET Health - AFP Tadsamillionaire-1/12/2005
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103There is always a "Handy" excuse -g- I don't think we are supposeThe Pre Beakerite-7/31/2003
102Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel shamed. Then I lookTadsamillionaire-7/31/2003
101Iraqis, liquor reacquainted after dry spell By Borzou Daragahi Published June 21TimF-6/21/2003
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99<B>99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall</B>elpolvo-8/22/2002
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