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It looks like the current wave of mortgage refinancings has run its course, following on the heels of an unprecedented boom in home ownership, mortgage lending, and home equity withdrawals. In Y2K, on average, home equity actually DECLINED, despite record home ownership! Now with unemployment rising and news of new layoffs rolling in almost daily, a crucial question is in the air. Are we on the cusp of an unprecedented bust in housing prices and home lending defaults?

The real estate bust index was created to help us find exciting new, err, opportunities in the coming market debacle (or just allow us to hedge whatever real estate we may currently own against a collapse in prices).

Got FNM puts?<g>

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Housing bubble primer:

Calculated Risk's Blog (lots of useful housing charts):

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306829Welcome back, though I feel like I'm talking to someone who left Detroit in S. maltophiliaMarch 23
306828Hi, I'm back.J. P.March 23
306827UPDATE 2-Ex-Madoff manager, computer programmer get prison terms NEW YORK, Dec John Vosilla12/10/2014
306826Marcher posted this: ROFL..... [url= Mahone11/28/2014
306825Four years later and still zero convictions..John Vosilla10/16/2014
306824These kids coming back from 2,3,4 tours in Iraq, Afganistan are very farked up.Pogeu Mahone6/9/2014
306823You can add me to your list. I'm a retired vet as well. Yeah some guys neeDrygulch Dan6/9/2014
306822Sorry I know way too many vets of all ages and they are in trouble. They arePogeu Mahone6/9/2014
306821forget the "spend" step, pop the gov't bubbleDrygulch Dan6/9/2014
306820Audit first, spend second we agree.Pogeu Mahone6/9/2014
306819So you want to give the people at the VA more money to put in their pockets for steve harris6/8/2014
306818 <b> <b> U.S. Senate Republicans block veterans' health bill Pogeu Mahone6/8/2014
306817What's that got to do with democrats denying our military the right to votesteve harris6/1/2014
306816safeshare.tvPogeu Mahone3/31/2014
306815 Ridiculous but what should we expect from the douche bag? Full employment foPogeu Mahone2/10/2014
306814We liberals didn't want Obamacare, but it is better than nothing. We are nokoan2/8/2014
306813You are such a bs artist, you backed Obama the moment he said " single payePogeu Mahone2/8/2014
306812Here is how liberals answer questions. With complete thoughts. Isn't it intekoan2/8/2014
306811How do you feel about medicare and social security? We liberals didn't wantkoan2/8/2014
306810Just a insurance scam on the country. Why else is all the corporate support froPogeu Mahone2/8/2014
306809I wonder how he will feel if he gets real sick or seriously hurt and has no healkoan2/7/2014
306808<< Is the patient more intelligent for getting science and biology based koan2/7/2014
306807Atheist propaganda. For starters they don't define what they mean when they JBTFD1/21/2014
306806[graphic]Pogeu Mahone11/6/2013
306805It depends how one defines intelligence... A very subjective word, fraught withCautious_Optimist8/12/2013
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