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305ENTA disclosed the royalty-rate tiers for Mavyret/Glecaprevir: twitter.comDewDiligence_on_SI-August 9
304My estimation is that 2/3 of the raised guidance pertains to ex-US uptake. DewDiligence_on_SI-April 26
303What part of that raise is for US? Too lazy to listen CC! It was predictable thaMiljenko Zuanic-April 26
302(ENTA)—ABBV raises 2018 HCV sales guidance (almost all Mavyret) from $2.5B to $3DewDiligence_on_SI-April 26
301Mavyret's NRx% and TRx% are already above what most sell-side analysts thougDewDiligence_on_SI-February 16
300Congratulation! [eom]Miljenko Zuanic-February 5
299ENTA price chart is starting to look like the Mavyret script chart.DewDiligence_on_SI-February 5
298Agree, do think that GLPG is right choice, but they may want to stay independentMiljenko Zuanic-February 4
297GLPG... Its probably not going to happen because everyone thinks its inevitable ghmm-February 3
296No, I don't (sorry).DewDiligence_on_SI-February 3
295Yes, have anyone in mind? Would like to make few $$$!Miljenko Zuanic-February 3
294Another large acquisition by GILD during 2018 seems pretty likely.DewDiligence_on_SI-February 3
293The power of the WS price, marketing adaptability, and good activity. GILD HCV fMiljenko Zuanic-February 3
292Chart of weekly HCV scripts shows Mavyret's blastoff: twitter.comDewDiligence_on_SI-February 3
291HCV notes from ABBV's 4Q17 CC: investorshub.advfn.comDewDiligence_on_SI-January 26
290(ACHN/Medivir)—JNJ throws in the towel on HCV: investorshub.advfn.comDewDiligence_on_SI-9/11/2017
289FDA approves ABBV/ENTA’s Mavyret (G/P)—8-week treatment for all HCV genotypes: sDewDiligence_on_SI-8/3/2017
288ICPT data from 'CONTROL' study with Lipitor not especially impressive, IDewDiligence_on_SI-7/31/2017
287Looks like an even match, IMO. Good situation for third-party payers and ex-US gDewDiligence_on_SI-7/28/2017
286So, Vosevi still have slight/small advantage over Maviret. But, as I mentioned oMiljenko Zuanic-7/28/2017
285European Commission approves GILD’s Vosevi and ABBV/ENTA’s Maviret, direct compeDewDiligence_on_SI-7/28/2017
284ABBV/ENTA’s G/P receives early-access approval in UK for hard-to-treat patients:DewDiligence_on_SI-5/11/2017
283JNJ/ACHN's 3-DAA regimen has a problem: siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-4/22/2017
282MRK’s 3-DAA HCV regimen fails to impress (IMO): siliconinvestor.comDewDiligence_on_SI-11/13/2016
281HCV DAAs can reactivate (latent) HBV, says FDA: fda.govDewDiligence_on_SI-10/4/2016
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