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Welcome to Big Dog's Boom Boom Room! Established March 19, 2001.

This is a forum provided to discuss and share ideas related to the land and offshore oil industry and oil service industry.

The Boom Boom Room's motto is:

It's the price of oil stupid!

All posters are welcome and are encouraged to share, educate, learn -- and have some fun.

Never ever forget that without oil/gas the world as we know it grinds to a halt in very short order. It is for that reason that the drilling rig may be the single most important tool of the first part of this new century.

Roll 'em.

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198569[youtube video] Elroy Here is a new one from the CSB. The CSB 2014 report on SEDCO 4452yesterday
198568The NTSB investigate pipeline accidents, but they don't have an exclusive maElroy Jetson-yesterday
198567Elroy, will NTSB investigate or will it be the CSB? SEDCO445SEDCO 445-yesterday
198566U.S. trade deficit surges to five-month high as US Exports Fall Precipitously - Elroy Jetson1Thursday
198565The natural has pipeline over-pressure occurrence in the Colombia Gas pipeline nElroy Jetson1Sunday
198564Automation is the primary changing force in most industries and, as you well knoElroy Jetson-Sunday
198563The problem in coal country is all about the numbers... I watched a couple interJimisJim3Sunday
198562The Great American Con: Why Giving False Hope To Coal Country Is The Cruelest HoElroy Jetson-last Saturday
198561Can Trump Bring About The Second Coming Of Coal ? - As the UK calls Elroy Jetson-September 13
198560Former EPA head will work for the Coal industry, which describes itself as "Elroy Jetson-September 13
198559He can be, and to think we are blessed to have two Cal Berkeley Elroys on SI. Lonicewatch1September 13
198558Elroy is da best!Elroy-September 13
198557You don't have to get it, Elroy fancies himself a sardonic humorist with occnicewatch5September 13
198556Pictures of vehicles from almost a century ago? I don't get it. The biggest Salt'n'Peppa-September 13
198555Hi Elroy, You sure are busy today. What did you do buy a coal company? g Thatrobert b furman1September 12
198554The English have also developed an emissions-control-trailer which can be hookedElroy Jetson2September 12
198553Not a bit of particlate matter pollution.LOL Bobrobert b furman-September 12
198552That ought to make the greenies happy! Thanks for the explanation. Bobrobert b furman-September 12
198551Seogtan is Korean for coal, hence their name Seogtaner for their entire line of Elroy Jetson-September 12
198550Hi Elroy, Sorry to be dense,but I'm clueless on what you are telling me. Srobert b furman-September 12
198549A sneak peek at the new 2019 North Korean Seogtaner Sedan spotted in Pyongyang bElroy Jetson-September 12
198548England is considering a return to lower-tech coal-powered vehicles. North KorElroy Jetson1September 12
198547Perhaps I wrote that incorrectly. I agree with your statement - supply substiturobert b furman-September 12
198546[tweet]DinoNavarre-September 12
198545RE "Energy demand from the emerging markets will bank the shale company'semi_infinite -September 3
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