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Hello, pour yourself a cup of coffee and sit yourself down at the kitchen table. If you are looking for a place to discuss mostly microcaps and uncover the next generation of market movers, you are in the right place. This thread is a forum to exchange ideas for low priced stocks that are undiscovered gems.


Today [8/30/01] Gary and Paul have opened a new board for just CANADIAN STOCKS. Both have extensive knowledge of the Canadian market and this new board should be a perfect compliment to the Microcap Kitchen board. Be sure to visit for a great wealth of Canadian equity investment ideas. You will find it here:

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The Microcap Basement:

If you are interested in stocks that do not fit the minimum standards of this board, please visit the Microcap Basement. This is the place to discuss emerging companies or special situations that are priced at under 5 cents. Thanks...

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IMPORTANT... Minimum Standards:

We are looking for securities with great potential and/or value on this thread, not mo-mo stocks. Before posting here it is important that the stock meet some basic standards. The price per share should be at least five cents, and the number or shares outstanding should not exceed 200 million shares. Securities with a smaller number of outstanding shares issued have a much higher potential capital gains.

THIS THREAD IS NOT intended for penny or sub-penny stocks with hundreds of millions of shares outstanding. There a plenty of other threads that track these securities.

Your help in maintaining these basic value components is appreciated and necessary to keep this thread focused and viable.


This thread is a meeting place for microcap investors. This includes the whole universe of lower priced securities. It is a place to share and exchange investment and trading ideas so that we all may pursue the rewards possible in the stock market.

Not only do we like to share our investment ideas here, but also our success.

Something to keep in mind is with success comes an opportunity to share some of that good fortune with those less fortunate. So, we encourage you to keep a list of your favorite charities close in order to share some of that good feeling of success with others who need a hand up in this world. Your thoughtful consideration of this idea will be greatly valued by all who visit the Kitchen.


The exchange of opinions, research, information, and constructive criticism in order improve our investing and trading skills.


Be civil. Be constructive. Be informative.

There is a zero tolerance level on name calling. This is just childish and serves no purpose. This thread is for and about trading stocks, not bashing individual.

Since this thread discusses many different securities, when posting, please start your post using the ticker symbol of the stock(s) you wish to discuss. When you post a stock here, don't just say buy it now, but tell why you think this stock is a good investment or undervalued or why you think it will make money.

example: WXYZ - now tell us why you think this stock will be a winner, and supply helpful info or links if you have them.


The last three quarters of the year 2000 taught us all that a lesson about the efficient market. We on this thread are all adults and accept the fact that despite the best research, sometimes the market will carry us up or push us down. It is no one's fault, but merely the environment in which we seek out advantageous situations.

This is not a place for hyping or bashing. It is not a forum to vent anger over failed trades. This is not a place for spamming. It is not a place for personal attacks. If any individual engages in these activities, the users of this thread reserve the right to block that individual from posting here.

Let's keep our focus on the goal instead of bemoaning the inevitable stumbles along the way.


Since there are a great number of places one can discuss politics for politics sake, purely political posts will not be tolerated here on this moderated thread.

This is a STOCK discussion thread. Political postings are only appropriate here if they are showing a direct relationship to the market action regarding a particular stock or stock sector. The content should only express how a political action will cause a stock to go up or down, and it should not judge the political action itself as being right, wrong, good, bad, etc.


It should be understood that ALL posts on this thread are the opinions of the persons who post here. They should be taken in that light. There are no guarantees in the world and that seems especially true in the stock market.

Situations change with new information. The market itself is often unpredictable. Each individual does the best he can with the available data, but no one can be correct all of the time. If you have any doubts about that, study the calls of Wall Street's professional stock analysts and fund managers.

If you choose to invest in a security that is mentioned on this thread, it is your obligation to thoroughly research that security and make a personal decision to buy or pass based on your investigation alone. The posters on this thread are only sharing their opinions and are in no way suggesting that you make any investment decision based on what is posted here.

It's your money. Don't be foolish. Do your own research before you make an investment decision.


Success and "good luck" are the result of persistence and hard work. Let's sit down at the table and work together so this will be a place of good fortune.
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119253Black tusk - I bought at $.20, but with the flow through, you should just buy thspeculatingvalue-3 AM
119252Guessing Paul is BZI which I am out of and we should get a new moderator.speculatingvalue-3 AM
119251investmentpitch.comspeculatingvalue-2 AM
119250I was one of the founders of DSNY / DSY and BZI and I think the moderators may bspeculatingvalue-2 AM
119249Just realized I didn't mention the name of the $.18 stock - still like it evspeculatingvalue-2 AM
119248I was mad at the Vancouver guys, but met them at the Vancouver Club at a party aspeculatingvalue-2 AM
119247LWLG: Lightwave Logic to Present at ECOC and PIC Conferences Englewood, ColoradZoro99-Thursday
119246T be coear think when a stock pops it gwts sold down and I think upco going dowspeculatingvalue-Wednesday
119245I founded three public companies. been a CEO, made tons on derivatives Pp's speculatingvalue-Wednesday
119244I talked to the CEO from Italy 2 AM - he doesn't know. He sees $.40 for surspeculatingvalue-Wednesday
119243My email - know this public accept private emailsspeculatingvalue-Wednesday
119242Don't see Any Vol??Celtictrader-Monday
119241It is not dead but it is sparsely frequented. Good luck to you with your investThe Alchemist-Monday
119240No reason to not see the last high $1.40.speculatingvalue-Monday
119239As long as it doesn't run, I am buying another $25,000 tomorrow. Ya, mad, sspeculatingvalue-Monday
119238I think this is dead forum, but still feel obligated to tell people what is up. speculatingvalue1Monday
119237Not sure if anyone reads this thread, maybe a dead thread, but I feel like a pinspeculatingvalue-September 10
119236I have been on the phone for two hours with various upco people. They promise tspeculatingvalue-September 10
119235UPCO: It's weird, SI is censoring my posts, so sorry if this is a repeat of speculatingvalue-September 10
119234UPCO: I am in Vancouver and had a two hour call with my friend in Berlin from 3 speculatingvalue-September 9
119233UPCO A friend in Germany told me to check out Upco international. They just clospeculatingvalue-September 6
119232MED: I originally met Gary on the Medifast board back in 2002 while we were buyzen_lunatic4206September 6
119231MMNFF (MEDMEN Enterprises), previously mentioned, is on the move.NCC-1911 D-September 4
119230LWLG: Lightwave Logic Expands its Capability to Commercialize 50 Gbps Polymer MoZoro991August 30
119229Five Firms Awarded Spots on $945M Navy IDIQ for Cyber Mission Systems Nichols MCeltictrader-August 27
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