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This is a forum for the exchange of short ideas in biotech. Lots of money is being thrown at biotech, and there's a lot of chaff. Many threads are looking for the cream of the crop. Let's also find the bottom of the barrel!

Politeness expected. Reasoning for your idea (i.e. overhyped market, subset analysis/weak trial data, unfavorable deal strucutre, superior competition, just plain overvalued or overbought, etc.) also expected, with links and references a nice bonus.

I'll be more actively involved than when I started this, and have now attached a portfolio. The portfolio started with $100K. Note that to measure portfolio performance on closed positions, simply divide profit by $100K. For overall performance, take the "gain/loss" and add or subtract that figure to or from the profit, then divide by $100K.

Cheers, Tuck
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897Next short idea is recent IPO resTORbio (TORC). All their data from their lead tuck-July 31
896Nice response that buys patients time. Kudos to company for taking the risk to semi_infinite -July 23
895RETA: high risk trial, but it apparently succeeded. Stat sig and no Ads at alltuck-July 23
894RETA: Alport data expected next week: Next week's bio-events Cheers, Tucktuck-July 22
893MRTX seems focused on NSCLC. Apart from sitravatinib, they also have an HDAC inA.J. Mullen-July 20
892No, SYRS was right there: Syros failed with its patient enrichment strategy. It tuck-July 20
891"Signs of frothiness abound." you forgot SYRS on the list. I am negasemi_infinite -July 20
890It's possible that, because of Reata's (RETA) surrogate endpoint, the trtuck1July 20
889RETA - jasn.asnjournals.orgsemi_infinite -March 18
888Thanks Dew.A.J. Mullen-12/19/2017
887Galectin (GALT) fakes right (with shelf), goes left (gets line of credit from netuck-12/19/2017
886...why you abandoned shorting after being so involved?I try to avoid undue complDewDiligence_on_SI-12/18/2017
885Thanks Dew. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d even concerned about a problem tA.J. Mullen-12/17/2017
884That has never happened to me in roughly 100 short positions, many of which did DewDiligence_on_SI-12/17/2017
883I'd like to ask a general question regarding shorting a stock: what are the A.J. Mullen-12/17/2017
882ICPT—The DB analyst is talking about the REGENERATE probability of success at thDewDiligence_on_SI-12/13/2017
881While I'm talking of NASH failures, Intercept (ICPT) is bouncing on an analytuck-12/13/2017
880GALT financing: current shelf is for up to $100 million from GALT itself, and antuck-12/13/2017
879Actually added to my position on GALT this morning. Since the trial fail and sptuck112/13/2017
878Spending more time researching charity picks than short possibilities, but some tuck-12/13/2017
877I was just going to post that I had just tried and failed to find a borrow, yup.tuck-10/5/2017
876ECYT looks like a scam. Good luck finding a borrow!DewDiligence_on_SI-10/5/2017
875That makes me feel better - I couldn't work out how the recent jump was justnigel bates-10/5/2017
874Short candidate: Endocyte (ECYT). History of data distortion. Inlicensed a &qtuck110/4/2017
873Since my gut is often wrong Gut wasn't counting on two analysts gushing aboutuck-8/29/2017
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