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Impeach George W. Bush
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The first battleground will be former Senator Ashcrotch, who was defeated by a dead man in his last political campaign. Apparently the voters decided they'd rather have the dead guy's wife in office than Senator Ashcrash.

Fortunately, he doesn't have to run against anyone, dead or alive, to be appointed Attorney General, and therefore he has a reasonable chance of victory.

In all probability, the dems will roll over and play dead on this one, on the grounds that Senator Asscratch is a former senator, and there is a tradition of being nice to former senators.

Hopefully, Senator Ashcrutch will not be confirmed.

However, even if he is confirmed, there is a lot to be gained by elevating the confirmation hearings to a circus-like atmosphere through which this abortion of a nominee, who is just to the right of Attila The Hun, can be shown to be a puppet of the extreme right wing militant fringe.

"There was cocaine use, lots of women, but the drinking was the worst"
---Quote from President George Bush's Chief of Staff Michael C. Dannenhauer about George W. Bush
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93284Hey there Dipy. It's almost election time again. If the next Pres is a repubone_less25/25/2012
93283How many more must die in Obama's illegal wars?Bill39/9/2009
93281Obama is escalating the war. Obama = LBJBill39/8/2009
93280maybe you're just full of he only has said, as few politicians fSkywatcher-8/23/2009
93279Barack Hussein Obama: "Let's not play games," he said. "Whatsteve harris-8/23/2009
93278Obama didn't do anything for National pray day but a ton for Muslim pray dyalongnshort-8/22/2009
93277Hell, Obama's been on tour bragging about his Muslim roots. After he got elsteve harris-8/22/2009
93276is LONGSHORT SICK? YES Is it in here EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY? YES Does it haveSkywatcher-8/22/2009
93275Is Barack Obama’s Mother-In-Law A Black Witch? Yes she is! Read itlongnshort-8/22/2009
93274because you're a scum for calling him that and continuous lyingSkywatcher-8/22/2009
93273Muslims have little regard for life, that's why Obama doesn't care aboutlongnshort-8/22/2009
93272How does it feel having elected Obama who is killing our soldiers faster than Busteve harris-8/22/2009
93271We've been talking about the men and women who died under Bush. Why don'steve harris38/22/2009
93270careful you might hurt yourselfSkywatcher-8/21/2009
93269Truth hurts, eh Chrissy poo?jlallen-8/19/2009
93268I'm sure you'd love to shoot someone ah, the NRA Cheney Club charter memSkywatcher-8/18/2009
93267Another radical raises its head......BANG! lolStephen Clark-8/18/2009
93266You have gone down hill...better change your name...again.tonto-8/18/2009
93265ah the never ending 3d graderSkywatcher-8/18/2009
93264The crap that Constantwhine defecates on these boards can not be compared to actjlallen-8/18/2009
93263So why is Obama killing Americans in Afghanistan? The Taliban didn't attack steve harris-8/17/2009
93262yeah...bush and his moron SOS RICE really screwed up Pakistan their beloved LEADSkywatcher-8/17/2009
93261boy, you'll do anything to push that crap of a statistic BUSH LEFT AFGHANISTSkywatcher-8/17/2009
93260And more radical extremists and also has Pakistan on board.Stephen Clark-8/15/2009
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