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From the company's front page on as of May, 2014:

..when renewable energy is less expensive and more convenient than fossil fuels, there is no longer an argument about global warming.

IAUS’s patented, bladeless turbine is small, low-cost, scalable, and operates minus most of the expensive surrounding components and maintenance issues.

IAUS expects its unique solar power technology to be the first to compete with gas and coal.

IAUS’s patented, Dynamic Voltage Controller (DVC) is the first technology capable of handling and converting a full range of variable voltage on the fly to a constant DC or AC voltage and frequency output.
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5915Our friend Dumbbet stays optimistic. From the deluded board: SOLARSON, Ì Abroken_lens-a minute ago
5914Will there be a change for IAUS soon? Goodbet is "EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC"broken_lens1Tuesday
5913It does make you wonder what the gullibers think the cut-off is between serious broken_lens1Monday
5912The natives are getting restless. Here's another post from a disenchanted RTEDennis1Monday
5911Here is an example of how totally brainwashed IAS/RaPower3 believers are. From TEDennis2Monday
5910"The desire to get something for nothing has been very costly to many peoplYellow Kid1Sunday
5909Yellow Kid: It's hard to believe that so many people were willing to "iTEDennis1last Saturday
5908Rankine, Let me help you out. Neldon convinced you idiots to make bogus tax clYellow Kid2last Saturday
5907How can you call a document indisputable if the DOJ (who are supposed to understbroken_lens1last Saturday
5906Rankine: Thanks for yet another example of your avoidance of pertinent issues. TEDennis1last Saturday
5905Poor Dumb TED: Several hundred people involved in this case have seen the indispRankine2last Saturday
5904Isn't it time for an SEC filing? After all, the last one seems to have been broken_lens1last Saturday
5903Rankine: As expected, you provided a childish and immature response to serious iTEDennis2last Saturday
5902DUMB TED: I like keeping you guys uninformed. A last-to-know basis. LOLRankine2last Saturday
5901Rankine: Let's see some facts to support your claim. How about providing yoTEDennis1last Friday
5900Well, economic substance is not applicable in this case if If the realization obroken_lens1last Friday
5899Why? Provide specifics. Your track record for unsupported claims isn't verTEDennis1last Friday
5898DUMB TED: Sorry to have to tell you this, but the economic substance does not aRankine1last Friday
5897Rankine: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Let's pretend for a moment that TEDennis1last Friday
5896DUMB TED: You must be an extreme left wing democrat.Rankine2last Friday
5895The concept of using the Stirling (with an "I", not an "E") TEDennis2last Friday
5894Neldon's stubborn refusal to hand over the money will seal his fate in my huYellow Kid2last Friday
5893With the Defendants' appeal of SEVERAL motions, I think they pretty much seaTEDennis1last Thursday
5892Appeal has been docketed: Case #18-4150 ***** [10596645] Civil case docketed. TEDennis1last Thursday
5891I am so looking forward to the transcript where Neldon argues that he should repbroken_lens1October 10
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