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Did AlGore Boink the Statue of Liberty?
An SI Board Since November 2000
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the Democratic Wrestling Federation's finest hour - Ballot Bludgeon 2000 - the Definition of "in"!

In light of recent developments in Florida, coupled with the facts that we found out that Slick did in fact boink Monica and SI has now become entangled in the current debate between conservatives and liberals, we need a place where people who want to vent can do so without cluttering up the stock threads.

Is the current crisis a conspiracy by Hillary? Mr. Daley from Chicago? Did Mr. Coffey learn anything from Tiffany? Did Monica learn anything from Tiffany? Did Hillary learn anything from Tiffany? Did Mr. Coffey learn anything from Hillary? Is Mr. Christopher from an alternate universe? Can everyone be baked and still run the country as well as Slick?

Refer all political debates on the stock threads to this thread please.


Conservatives use only words with less than 3 syllables and keep arguments focused on one topic per post for clarity. No complex logic, sentence structure that cannot be understood by a 6 year old, or hyperlinks to facts, please! Avoid any references to the Constitution or any other laws because it will only upset the liberals. Under no condition allow yourself to become extremely pissed off at the rape of the rule of law. Don't mention that your investments might be suffering a little tiny bit, and PLEASE don't post anything about foreigners or international concerns.

Liberals keep feet off furniture, no spitting, ignore spellchecker, and always mix intoxicants while posting on the thread. No jokes or humor of any kind; this is totally serious and the future of the free world is in your hands. Under no conditions give any clues as to your actual identity so your parole officer will never know. No laughing except if you see someone suck up bong water and puke, or somebody starts talking about honesty and truth. Actually, never mind, no rules, this is a free country and anybody can do anything they want, especially you!

Note: this is a moderated thread. Any conservative that fails to occasionally post something funny will be banned. Any liberal that fails to misspell at least one word every 4 posts will have his posts recounted by hand until a word becomes misspelled.
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67Actually, I can't tell whether Gore is driving the recount effort or if the SirRealist-11/25/2000
66The next step is for the Gore legal team to argue that the confused voters for Busername-11/24/2000
65Agreed, I don't think the USSC will get involved. I don't think it wantsusername-11/24/2000
64I agree with you, I think your analysis is quite astute.username-11/24/2000
63Al is said to be looking for a nine month delay now so that the pregnant chads cMike E.-11/24/2000
62I read the papers in the morning too. It does seem too pathetic now...SirRealist-11/24/2000
61<i>Try a Gore concession speech Sunday night or Monday morning. </i>Mike E.-11/24/2000
60I'd expect the US Supreme Court to consider it a state matter and send it baSirRealist-11/23/2000
59Ah, how I miss the more logical writings of past conservative editorialists. GeSirRealist-11/23/2000
58Somebody on another thread has suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court might take username-11/23/2000
57<b>This Willful Court By George F. Will Thursday, November 23, 2000; Pagusername-11/23/2000
56<I>But the spectre that will haunt me the rest of my days is that living msandintoes-11/22/2000
55Worn Christopher...thanks...I can't stop laughing!MasonS-11/22/2000
54<i>Worn Christopher. </i> I just blew a rum and coke through my nosarno-11/22/2000
53I hear Gore's lawyers are gonna challenge the Dr.s right to put a shunt in CSirRealist-11/22/2000
52That is the funniest thing I have read in a month.username-11/22/2000
51ROFL I'm plastering this all over SI. Message 14846282sandintoes-11/20/2000
50Ralph & Winona hired me to glue all the chad back into a thousand or so BushSirRealist-11/20/2000
49It is my understanding that the Florida state legislature may make the final decVenditâ„¢-11/19/2000
48If the Leon county judge, a democrat, has a sensible ruling then these 6 democrakha vu-11/19/2000
47It is difficult to guess what might come from the Florida Supreme court tomorrowDaniel Liberty-11/19/2000
46Hi sir! Not to worry .... Bush will be declared the winner.Venditâ„¢-11/19/2000
45the presidency is decided by the "manual" count of THREE counties votekha vu-11/19/2000
44Observers say ballots manipulated by examiner Steve Miller THE WASHINGTON TIMES Venditâ„¢-11/18/2000
43And...that's why I personally hired a member of the Chicago Daley family to MasonS-11/18/2000
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