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Why is Gore Trying to Steal the Presidency?
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Unfortunately, even after the vote is in, Gore looks to take this election to the courts, where it shouldn't be decided. Bush has won the initial count, and now the recount! Now Gore is county-shopping for additional votes by having handcounts in Democratic counties. They were already found to be found judge-shopping; they pulled their request when they did not get the random judge they desired. And by going to the courts and clouding the facts, the Democrats are trying to go around the Constitiution, the supreme law of the land, something Gore has said he would not do. Assuming Gore does win in court, how can any American repsect him knowing he subverted the Constitution, something he claims to respect? We will essentially be giving the election to the side with the most aggressive lawyers. Litigation has no place in deciding an important event such as this. Every day that passes with Gore's team of attack dogs on the prowl is one more in which we get to see his true character, or in this case, his lack of it.

As far as a Revote is concerned, should the people in areas of NM get a revote since there was a snowstorm on the 7th in areas of NM? This is a Slippery Slope we want to avoid at all costs.

The Democrats unfortunately are not telling the whole truth, and in many cases are telling outright lies. It's time for some statemanship, and Gore is showing none.

Please step aside Mr. Gore and CONCEDE!
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3887deleteJustin C-4/4/2012
3886February 4 2001 OPINION <b>Now they recognise Reagan's greatness&Zoltan!-2/5/2001
3885Thanks a bunch, very belatedly. I have been blasting my a#$ off. What a kick. CrCRICKET-1/13/2001
3884Here is an interesting article regarding this subject: <b>Could American Catfish-12/16/2000
3883what I meant to say was said. Lincoln was also mortal & not every word thatBen Wa-12/15/2000
3882<i>he said that the stalemate had not been desired by either candidate, thThirdEye-12/15/2000
3881Hopefully some "dangerous flag waving Republicans" will show up to cousandintoes-12/15/2000
3880Will post this here too...these people just don't give it up.... And again KLP-12/15/2000
3879Give it one cares about your spin games.sandintoes-12/14/2000
3878The Truth: Subject 50428donjuan_demarco-12/14/2000
3877Thanks for your complement, Herschel. I just stopped by here to sign off and tolml-12/14/2000
3876Gore gave a gracious concession speech last night and I must commend him for doiProud_Infidel-12/14/2000
3875The liberal press is also desperate to salvage their reputations. Ha! Watch Fox.Carolyn-12/14/2000
3874In Gore's speech, he said that the stalemate had not been desired by either Ben Wa-12/14/2000
3873Brian, Christopher, lml, CobaltBlue, and yes, Ellen and all others: Thanks for Herschel Rubin-12/14/2000
3872Me too. Thanks for a good few weeks of trading barbs. I kind of miss my fellow EEsvida-12/13/2000
3871<b><i>I'm out of here. Regards </b></i> Agreed....bBarney-12/13/2000
3870Well the lunatics are now out of the asylum and taking over the board. I thank aJames H-12/13/2000
3869jesse is never graduated from divinity school. reverend? I'm sure.Ben Wa-12/13/2000
3868<i>If there is rioting in the streets.....maybe the rev. ought to be arresCola Can-12/13/2000
3867I agree on both accounts...arno-12/13/2000
3866Not to debate the issue, but the reason GWB didn't raise the issue of militaJames H-12/13/2000
3865The silver lining here is that if there's any High Court slot to be filled, Esvida-12/13/2000
3864Area51, <i>Here's to a great next four years,</i> It is now tiProud_Infidel-12/13/2000
3863The development of W's "underrated intelligence" 1. Born with hiTom D-12/13/2000
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