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I am a professional trader and run a stock market newsletter at

Please go there and read my stock market forecast for 2001 at the bottom of the page to fuly understand my views on the market and the economy. A week before the April stock market crash I predicted it and went net short. I'm primarily a momentum trader going short and long as the market direction changes. I believe that there are danger signs in the US economy and financial markets that are signalling a serious financial meltdown to take place before the year is over. This would mean a US recession and another sharp stock market downturn. I'm starting this thread to discuss this possibility and how we should manage our investments differently.
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74302The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History wired.Snowshoe1August 24
74301Was said here almost a decade ago.. China would surprise with its greeness.. LeaBehind Blue Eyes-9/10/2017
74300Adulthood for women is three years younger, on average: <<She still have Maurice Winn-1/2/2017
74299It's illegal to entrust people with illegal data. The crimes were by ClappMaurice Winn-1/2/2017
74298The best hope for good news is in places that have seemed hopeless, such as Russelmatador-1/2/2017
74297He was paid to do a job and betrayed the people who entrust him to data.elmatador-1/2/2017
74296Hi MQ! OK. Older. Wiser. Experiment is student of International Relations. Will elmatador-1/2/2017
74295>GGGG<Haim R. Branisteanu-1/2/2017
74294ElM are you okay? << I cut TJ to size past month. People were buying hiMaurice Winn-1/2/2017
74293Why didn't it work on you ElM? MqMaurice Winn-1/2/2017
74292Come on now Haim. You know the Russians are not as good as the Americans: <Maurice Winn-1/2/2017
74291Tendentious twaddle.. Snowden disclosed crimes, which is not a crime. MqMaurice Winn-1/2/2017
742906 years later and the quantitative easing in financial relativity theory has donMaurice Winn11/2/2017
74289Nine events that will shape the world in 2017 From Trump taking the oath to Euroelmatador-1/1/2017
74288Joao Doria, a millionaire businessman who once hosted "The Apprentice Brazielmatador-1/1/2017
74287Your comment is most apt: <<MQ the genie is out of the bottle!>> Maurice Winn-1/1/2017
74286 As George Bernard Shaw once said, "Progress without change is impossible, elmatador-1/1/2017
74285Many of us have enjoyed TJ's postings while still maintaining a healthy skepSnowshoe11/1/2017
74284Revenge is stupidity Stealing stolen information like others personal phone caHaim R. Branisteanu-1/1/2017
74283I cut TJ to size past month. People were buying his pretentious knowledge about elmatador-1/1/2017
74282Elmatador eh,no value in right or wrong only value in open minded fire of debategg cox-1/1/2017
74281Are you afraid of TEOTWAWKI? :-) The SUV are in full swing again. Gasoline is celmatador-1/1/2017
74280I'm gradually withdrawing from SI. The signal to noise ratio is just too lowelmatador-1/1/2017
74279The information community believes Snowden gave the Russians everything he had telmatador-1/1/2017
74278Thanks Snow. Happy New Year to you and your family!elmatador-1/1/2017
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