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46031Thanks for posting. Here's a time-sequence animation from still pics: LINK ftth19/6/2017
46030Sun Unleashes Monster Solar Flare, Strongest in a Decade [graphic] 'Earaxial19/6/2017
46029Voyager 1, Humanity's Farthest Spacecraft, Marks 40 Years in Space : Articftth19/5/2017
46028We do for retailing what Amazon cannot do [graphic]elmatador19/5/2017
46027BTW have you looked at: WWW.ELABZ.COM/BRUSHLESS-DC-BLDC-MOTOR-WITH-ARDUINO/ P2V-8/29/2017
46026HI , My first and probably totally ignorant thought is that you may have createdP2V-8/28/2017
46025Your "twitter" reference brings to mind tweeters,sans abusive twits wP2V-8/28/2017
46024NASA Has a Way to Cut Your Flight Time in Half The space agency’s supersonic plFrank A. Coluccio-8/28/2017
46023Hello Frank A. Coluccio, Thanks for the warm welcome and sharing a nice communitMchristian-8/28/2017
46022Hi Mchristian. Welcome aboard! While I am not the one to answer your question dFrank A. Coluccio-8/28/2017
46021Servo won't turn while accepting commands from an Arduino Hello everyoneMchristian-8/26/2017
46020ftth and P2V, Good Stuff, indeed, from both of you. Thanks for shining some ligFrank A. Coluccio-8/25/2017
46019Good stuff P2V. I remember Sansui. Not sure if they went out of business or wereftth18/25/2017
46018 The following is an excellent description of the RIAA Record Playback equalizatP2V18/24/2017
46017Why Coltrane is Like Einstein August 11, 2017 Stephon Alexander, cosmologist anFrank A. Coluccio-8/22/2017
46016Hi Frank, Heretofore, the G meant cellular technology generation, it looks lPeter Ecclesine-8/20/2017
46015Petere, FreeG appears to be the name of an Indian Company based in Bombay. Is tFrank A. Coluccio-8/20/2017
46014A small followup as this is the last Cisco quarterly report to expose Wi-Fi revePeter Ecclesine18/19/2017
46013Followup — A Reality Check for IBM’s AI Ambitions ' "However, most oaxial-8/18/2017
46012from the article, "Vinyl is what’s called a lossless format. Nothing has beftth-8/15/2017
46011Four Reason Why Vinyl Sounds Better than Digital Mathew Hughes | August 2015 ExFrank A. Coluccio-8/15/2017
46010[Insecurity] How Captive Portals Interfere With Wireless Security and Privacy BFrank A. Coluccio-8/15/2017
46009Internet Society of NY August, 2017 Notice Board WEDS: @BBCRadio4 ? Aleks in Frank A. Coluccio-8/15/2017
46008 Cassini skims Saturn's atmosphere ARTICLE "It also sets the stage forftth18/14/2017
46007I found it odd that the article didn't mention anything about DNA or or theFrank A. Coluccio-8/10/2017
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