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THE GOAL of this thread is simple: 1) utilize TECHNICAL ANALYSIS on multiple MARKET INDEXES (and stocks in those indexes) by establishing clear support/resistance levels; 2) formulate strategies on index data (MITA)in order to take advantage of early opportunity/warning signs for changes in major market direction (macro-TA), or specific individual index for break-out/break-down plays that could be exploited(micro-TA); 3) initiate trading opportunites in both directions that will ideally stack the deck in our favor and give us the greatest potential for optimum growth; 4) keep it simple. I am not going to discuss exotic option strategies. Call your broker or do your own due diligence, or simply go to a thread dealing in options. These simple ideas are either long or short, calls or puts. You can develop your own strategies from these clear-cut, straight-talk index observations.

WHO CAN BENEFIT from this thread: 1) the novice, who is simply looking to learn more about the market and its mechanics. I would suggest paper-trading for practice before entering individual trades for real. 2) the trader, who wants a second opinion right or wrong about market direction or specific stock or stock index. 3) the expert, who wants to use this thread as a contrary indicator or sentiment guage. In short, anyone can benefit if they even get 1 idea out of this thread that they can benefit or trade from to optimize returns.

DISCLOSURES: 1) Do your own DUE DILIGENCE. NEVER, NEVER enter a trade simply because I may like it or somebody else thinks a trade is better than sliced bread and the trade is going to the moon. There is no such thing as a sure thing. 2) I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR TRADES. I only provide ideas and give best subjective effort on index/stock technical analysis. TA is not a science but an art that is dynamic, ever changing and in constant motion. 3) I am no self-styled guru. Accampora or Favors I AM NOT. Only an individual trying to sharpen his skills and learn from his own mistakes and learn from others willing to share their ideas or strategies. 4) I have a Bearish bent on the market right now, have been Bullish in the past and will share previous posts supporting both views. 5) I have made my share of mistakes including turning bearish too soon before turning back bullish. Now Bearish again.

RULES OF THREAD: 1) No hyping a specific stock or stock index. Trading ideas/opportunities are encouraged, but if you like a stock (say AOL) or stock index (say DOW), tell us what you like about it and why. Blatant hyping will not be tolerated and is a subjective call on part of the host. If this occurs, 1st time is private warning, 2nd is public warning on thread. 3 strikes and you are out by way of webmaster. 2) Absolutely no Bulletin Board Stocks or Penny Stock ideas or posting allowed. There are plenty of other threads to hook these speculative ideas in. No stocks under $5 dollars unless stock is listed on a major exchange (NYSE, ASE, NAZ) and has had a technical breakdown from above $10 per share. NO EXCEPTIONS. 3) BE RESPECTFUL OF ALL POSTERS. No bashing peoples ideas or opinions on the market IF THEY ARE BULLISH/BEARISH etc. 4) HAVE FUN, Be open-minded, and LEARN FROM OTHERS.

Best regards. J.T.
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19219oky dokey........................................Vitas-September 26
19218so wat the skyda_cheif™-September 25
19217the fed is inept q 1000Vitas-September 25
19216If it were not for the supply has to grow to keep up withda_cheif™31/7/2013
19215Fast forward 6 years...we are at the same place in devalued dollars. If not for Mongo211631/7/2013
19213WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SHOW FOR????????????Brasco One-7/13/2012
19212im the mkt boss , you listen to me.Brasco One-7/13/2012
19211life's lessons are them that prove themselves in time. time is bigger thandvdw©-7/12/2012
19210He's still alive, talked to him on the phone yesterday. All is well, he jusGeoff Altman-9/12/2007
19209Nope: "Seen J.T. lately?"Peter Dierks-9/12/2007
19208Seen J.T. lately? ....<g>Geoff Altman-8/17/2007
19207shhhhhhhhh... v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v BottJ.T.-3/7/2007
19206I live for chaos theory and volatility. Where is da man behind da Bear Curtain?J.T.-3/1/2007
19205u shuda checked wit me foist.....btw...heres the ultimate short 4 u....snort I&da_cheif™-2/15/2007
19204what happened to this group? here's food for thought: stockcharts.comokavango-11/23/2006
19203Please note that the charts and reports issued by Bronson are not ECRI reports, achuthan-11/23/2006
19202Please note that the charts and reports issued by Bronson are not ECRI reports, achuthan-11/23/2006
19201Good call J.T. i'm loaded with SOPIX, USPIX & UCPIXgladman-8/23/2006
19200JT The NEW 2x qqq long 0r short ETFs got my attention, so I did the SPY DIA and James F. Hopkins-8/21/2006
19199Out of Longs. Now heavily Short... and in Gold as of Friday. Options jam job pJ.T.-8/21/2006
19198I just went long getting today's end of day closing prices in DOW, SPX, NDX J.T.-7/20/2006
19197i've been trading some rydex/profund,,, what rydex funds are you long? i bogladman-7/20/2006
19196lickin my chops. You still got those 30 years of WSJ's n charts for me? lolJ.T.-7/20/2006
19195This is a traders paradise when on the right side of the market. Avoided anotheJ.T.-7/20/2006
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