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I created this thread to discuss whatever you have on YOUR mind.
If you would like to learn and use TA the following tools are some that I frequently use:

*Technical analysis and Donna's investing philosophy work well if used in tandem:
#1- Technical Charting (I prefer this chart tool for day to day charting)
#-2 Prophet Charts Java tool.
#3- Candles
#4- Bollinger Bands
#5- Trend line charts will find support and resistance as well as breakout levels. *
Chips main page:
#6- Technical Analysis and Options Trading
#7- Technical Analysis Glossary
#8- Sector Rotation
S&P Rotation
NASDAQ 100 Heat Map
#9- Scan tool
#10- News
#11- Futures markets

This thread has been established by me in an effort to teach technical analysis to those who wish to learn the art as well as being a forum to exchange investing ideas, charts and chit chat.
Stocks discussed here are not meant as recommendations by me or others who post on this thread.

This is a somewhat off-topic fun discussion thread but no personal attacks or spamming will be permitted.


New Voice Chat 04/07/2001
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19374Well good buddy Tomato – how are you? How have you been? This is what you saidVendit™-2/26/2005
19373I am no paragon (we're all human!), but I can recognize honesty when I see iCarolyn-12/30/2004
19372Carolyn, It is nice to see such a morally right person such as you, standing upVendit™-12/30/2004
19371bonnuss_in_austin Re: <i>People who don't know how to spell simple woVendit™-12/30/2004
19370Dear Pecker meridian Although it has been a very long time since I have paid hoVendit™-12/30/2004
19369<<Tomorrow will signal if the first open candle which formed on Friday is AugustWest-9/23/2001
19368<b>From: Vendit Sunday, Sep 23, 2001 9:48 AM Respond to of 1628 BaAugustWest-9/23/2001
19367HEY REID. You think you got the market savvy to go a few rounds with me? Here&AugustWest-9/23/2001
19366too much, bonster!abuelita-5/20/2001
19365Yes. <eom>bonnuss_in_austin-5/20/2001
19364Sure, if you wish. What are your plans now, if I may ask you? Get rich on an Ibonnuss_in_austin-5/20/2001
19363Oh, one other thing boni, You might find it interesting that Math and English wMatt Brown-5/20/2001
19362Definitely. There is an incredible amount of information available to all, and wCarolyn-5/20/2001
19361Carolyn: I agree 100%. However, young people ... and old, for that matter ... bonnuss_in_austin-5/20/2001
19360get yerself some education. College, that is. >>I thunk I will. Thenks Matt Brown-5/20/2001
19359I was wont to think as you do once. However, the worth of an individual is not mCarolyn-5/20/2001
19358LOL. If I were you, Matt, just in case the old man's money runs out, and IHbonnuss_in_austin-5/20/2001
19357Can you tell me how to spell.. T-O-O M-U-C-H T-I-M-E O-N Y-O-U-R H-A-N-D-S ? RMatt Brown-5/20/2001
19356People who don't know how to spell simple words ... ... don't make it ibonnuss_in_austin-5/20/2001
19355Well, okay, but that is totally unrelated to my point. I just like to think thaCarolyn-5/20/2001
19354Your attempt to change the subject doesn't work. I stand by my previous postCarolyn-5/20/2001
19353Why are you so bitter and rude? This person is trying to make a go of a site heCarolyn-5/20/2001
19352Matt: 'gauge' is spelled G-A-U-G-E. FYI. <g> Also, on the subjbonnuss_in_austin-5/20/2001
19351LOL! Sorry dood, you could never fill Bob's shoes.Matt Brown-5/18/2001
19350Is Ihub accepting applications for the admin position? Where should I send mineparker_meridian-5/17/2001
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