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IQ Chart Real Time - Amazing, Inexpensive Charting Tool
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This thread should be used to discuss IQ Chart Real Time and how to make the most out of this amazing tool. They have recently upgraded their software, and I love this latest version...

Has anyone been using IQ Chart Real Time for awhile to help their trading? What tips do you have to share with others who are just starting with it?

For those unfamiliar with IQ Chart Real Time, I posted the below information to the TC2000 thread:

"I used to use TC2000, but have recently switched to IQ Chart Real Time, which is awesome! At $24.95, it costs about the same or less than TC2000, but also gives you real time charts during the trading day (you have to pay a $12.50 fee to the exchanges if you want Real Time vs. delayed). Plus, they have all the history for every stock and index back to 1968, and you don't have to pay a penny extra to see a new chart or to get history, as you do with TC2000 and other software.

With TC2000, I didn't like having to wait until a couple of hours after the close, and then having to manually go and download the charts (if the download was working), plus paying extra to get additional charts and history. In IQ Chart Real Time, the charts are updated every minute automatically, and you don't have to download charts (but you can if you want to work offline) or adjust splits manually like you do with TC2000.

Their technical scans are easier to program than TC2000, and they have a cool proprietary color-coded indicator (red=sell, blue=buy) telling you when to buy and sell a stock. I also like their interface and display of indicators better than TC2000. For quotes, they have a dynamic watchlist which you can set up with dozens of stocks/indices that are automatically updated with real time quotes every minute. Finally, they have a useful "Tracker" that tells you such things as Most Active, Most Percentage Gain/Loss, Most Dollar Gain/Loss, and Gap Open Up/Down for the day.

For anyone who does any trades during the day, I definitely would use IQ Chart Real Time instead of or in addition to TC2000. After trying it for a couple of weeks, I don't know how I ever traded without it. With 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute charts along with the daily and monthly charts and all the indicators I need, it's already made me thousands of dollars, so it's definitely worth it, and is a much better deal than anything else I've seen.

Check it out and sign up for it at:

In the Reference Code box on the Registration form, please enter "aihp" so they know I sent you. You get a free 2-week trial (you have to pay the Real Time exchange fees if you want a real time feed), so if you don't like it, just cancel.

The only thing I haven't been able to use IQ Chart Real Time for is mutual funds. That's really the only thing I've been using TC2000 for since I got IQ Chart Real Time, but since I'm rolling my IRA over to a broker where I will be trading stocks (and SPY, QQQ, etc.) and options instead of mutual funds, I won't need that feature any more anyway. By the way, they also plan on having charts for options in the near future!

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone...

Mr. Aloha"

Here are some other recent comments from SI members:

"I use IQ Charts and love them. Best product for the price."

"Is anyone here using IQ Charts, has one of the best stock scanners on the market IMO ,also good for TA."

"I am using IQ Charts and find them very useful... On price chart you can overlay various indicators and above the price chart you can display even more indicators... So for what it is worth, I strongly recommend you look at IQ charts and develop a system about their indicators. They are very good on the support side of things also."

"I've been exploring IQ charts. Wow, it's amazing how much you can do with them. It's gonna take me some time to figure out how to use the program (the techno-idiot that I am), but once I learn my way around, it seems like it will prove invaluable."

"I use IQ charts for $24.95 month + $12 real time fee and am real pleased!"

"IQ Chart 3.1 is now available for the Macintosh!"
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430 Yesterday is missing!!Herc-5/17/2000
429 To the best of my knowledge, IQ charts does not have e-mail alerts. Also, to tHerc-5/9/2000
428 Considering IQ Charts here. Have a few questions: Do they have e-mail alert caRobert V. Cavaleri-5/6/2000
427 We're <b>actively</b> working on this. Going forward, I expectJohn Busby-4/21/2000
426 I wish they would be more proactive about split adjusting historical data in alTai Jin-4/21/2000
425 <i>I am experiencing a lot of stocks not being adjusted to after split prJohn Busby-4/9/2000
424 I am experiencing a lot of stocks not being adjusted to after split prices, I abhruz-4/9/2000
423 It repaired itself spontaneously as is usually the case.Herc-4/7/2000
422 Back on Line here! eomjnk1997-4/7/2000
421 Herc, I tried rebooting. Made no difference. I sent them an e-mail but got nJ_W-4/7/2000
420 Ditto. Hasn't anyone tried rebooting? I already had to reboot to get DateHerc-4/7/2000
419 Ditto. Still no data--Friday April 7id-4/7/2000
418 Same here. No data for today.J_W-4/7/2000
417 Anyone having trouble today with data feed? I am getting no real time or delayejnk1997-4/7/2000
416 Anybody tried How does it compare? Thanks in
415 Started By: Mr. Aloha Date: Mar 21, 1999 7:37 PM This thread should be Ivan Inkling-3/20/2000
414 Hi Judy, IQChart is working fine for me now. Customer support was good. Looks David Cecil-3/18/2000
413 I don't remember it taking that long Jeff. Yes the related feature is a goJudy-3/17/2000
412 Signed up for IQCharts today ... and I must say my initial impression is veryJeff Sutton-3/17/2000
411 Momentum is the only way to explain stocks like Rambus recently or Commerce OneHerc-3/12/2000
410 Hi Herc, Since you use William O'Neil's method, you might be interesteMac Oliver-3/12/2000
409 I depend more on chart patterns than on TA. There is a statistical probability Tai Jin-3/11/2000
408 I'm a doctor and remember psychiatry being largely nonsense. It tries to trHerc-3/11/2000
407 Technical analysis is about 2/3 hocus pocus. Intesting statement - have a haJudy-3/11/2000
406 Dave, IQCharts became my backup almost a year ago. Because of the data feed pJudy-3/11/2000
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