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EBLD - Entertainment Blvd
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3410 I know what to tell you: This is certainly not the type of junk ECNC is, althouGuy.-3/16/2000
3409 Good point ... I don't know what to tell you. Thanks, Zeb ManZeb Man-3/16/2000
3408 How well known is the fact that the symbol changed to EBLDE? I was afraid I waRobert Fischl-3/16/2000
3407 It's very nice in fact, and we filed today!! It's a shame the price isZeb Man-3/16/2000
3406 nice.Victor Lazlo-3/16/2000
3405 Sony Music Entertainment and Sign Music Video License; Sony Takes EqGator-3/16/2000
3404 Several yrs ago I ran a credit report on a BB co I was considering investing inVictor Lazlo-3/15/2000
3403 Maybe he does not overcharge. Rather, maybe he is short the stock. This is quVictor Lazlo-3/15/2000
3402 Yeah Guy, I noticed that too. Two posts, two requests for help collecting. MaGator-3/15/2000
3401 Benjamin, i see that EBLD is not the only company you have problems collecting Guy.-3/15/2000
3400 What do we look like, a collection agency? Deal with it. GatorGator-3/15/2000
3399 Has anyone else here had trouble collecting on outstanding bills from entertainBenjamin Rashcovsky-3/15/2000
3398 Entertainment Boulevard Updates Shareholders LOS ANGELES, March 9 /PRNewswire/KLP-3/9/2000
3397 Hell, I've touted MDIH since 1998. Check out the early days on the MDIH boGator-3/2/2000
3396 EMI Grants Music Video License LOS ANGELES, March 2 /PRNewswire/ --jeffrey rainey-3/2/2000
3395 MDIH....hope you all have been taking my advice on this. I've been touting David D.-3/1/2000
3394 Nice to see my old favorite EBLD doing well. It's about time!! ;-) VINCENT MALGAPO-2/10/2000
3393 Hey were on RB and on the Vidnet site. Subject 33108 EOM Zeb ManZeb Man-2/8/2000
3392 I am surprised at the lack of posts. EBLD is taking off and you guys are gone!zaphodbeeblebrox-2/8/2000
3391 I have started a new thread to focus in on the expanding and exciting growth ofjeffrey rainey-1/29/2000
3390 Looks awesome. Puts to shame. Now that "" (whiGator-1/28/2000
3389 WAAAAAAAAAAY COOL! EBLD HAS GROWN UP AND LOOK WHAT WE HAVE NOW.... Regards Rjeffrey rainey-1/28/2000
3388 Go to the Website.EOM.JPFan-1/27/2000
3387 Did it ever!Victor Lazlo-1/26/2000
3386 Great little pop today! We made a nice pass the $4 mark today. EOM Zeb Man Zeb Man-1/26/2000
3385 nice catch Zeb!Victor Lazlo-1/25/2000
3384 Got this from Eights from Raging Bull! It bodes well for EBLD, since it providZeb Man-1/25/2000
3383 Volume today was not at all impressive, yet we go up a bit. My interpretation:Victor Lazlo-1/20/2000
3382 I agree Zeb ! VictorVictor Lazlo-1/20/2000
3381 It is strange. The bid and ask are above 4 but i haven't seen any trade aboGuy.-1/20/2000
3380 Tomorrow could be a very very interesting day IMO! Good luck to all the longs.Zeb Man-1/20/2000
3379 Guy - did you see the news on internet gold today? Interesting. allVictor Lazlo-12/28/1999
3378 Victor, Thanks..and it does...I feel that this company is no worse than any ofSteven R. Michaud-12/28/1999
3377 Steve, I bought EBLD four times, and have sold none of it. My average buy pricVictor Lazlo-12/28/1999
3376 Good questions Steve....after the last year and a half of whipsawing, who wouldKLP-12/28/1999
3375 Steve, I think that EBLD looks very strong now. The climb is slow and steady wGuy.-12/28/1999
3374 God, I thought this would never move...Can I ask some of the people in the knowSteven R. Michaud-12/28/1999
3373 Right on dude !! " Movin' on up, to the East Side... " " MVictor Lazlo-12/27/1999
3372 Another quality day for EBLD! Gotta love it! Zeb Man Zeb Man-12/27/1999
3371 Hi Zeb....EBLD looking happy again. Merry Christmas to you too. Have a wonderKatt-000-12/23/1999
3370 Another good day for EBLD! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to EVERYONE!! Zeb Man-12/23/1999
3369 News is out!! Youthline USA Partners with Entertainment Boulevard; Partnershijeffrey rainey-12/20/1999
3368 Overall looks like another quality day for EBLD. Moving in the right directionZeb Man-12/20/1999
3367 Link to interview with Steven.....things looking great. Happy holidays! Katt Katt-000-12/17/1999
3366 two good releases in one day...yehaa Alloy Online, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALOY) (www.ajeffrey rainey-12/17/1999
3365 Blue Sky Status! There is a Santa Claus! Entertainment Boulevard Announces BluGator-12/17/1999
3364 yes indeed Zeb man..EBLD is on ot's way I think.. Regards Jeff/RainManjeffrey rainey-12/16/1999
3363 Don't know? Zeb Man-12/16/1999
3362 Yeah, What's in the wind? Surandy Sanders-12/16/1999
3361 Some good buying happening today. EOM. Zeb Man Zeb Man-12/16/1999
3360 Hey Music...No I don't think the movement is due to the PR with ITURF..I rajeffrey rainey-12/13/1999
3359 Do you think that the last few days movement in EBLD is due to the Iturf deal? musicguy-12/13/1999
3358 LOS ANGELES, Dec 13, 1999 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Entertainment Boulevard, Ijeffrey rainey-12/13/1999
3357 Hey money...I think they have filed the blue sky papers. If you go back the lasjeffrey rainey-12/10/1999
3356 Not a bad day at all for EBLD... no news that I can see, any ideas as to what imusicguy-12/10/1999
3354 Entertainment Boulevard to Sponsor the First in the OnStage Series jeffrey rainey-12/6/1999
3353 Ageed MG. I think the public is waiting to get some type of solid clarificatioZeb Man-12/3/1999
3352 Well, the SB-2 is filed, this is great news but it remains to be reflected in smusicguy-12/2/1999
3351 Here is the news printed out: EBLD has FILED!! Entertainment Boulevard Fijjetstream-11/30/1999
3350 Alloy Online Relaunches and Redesigns Site With Multimedia and Interactive CompKatt-000-11/22/1999
3349 More EBLD news: Alloy Online Relaunches and Redesigns Site With Multimedia andGator-11/22/1999
3348 Just having the company being fully reporting will probably make the stock go uGator-11/19/1999
3347 MG, i wouldn't count on the audits to take this stock out of the deep well Guy.-11/19/1999
3346 lol...very nice comparison...i hope ;-) eomstomper-11/18/1999
3345 I just know I am going to take advantage of the confusion over the debenture thInvestor Clouseau-11/18/1999
3344 (edit) bought a bit more today at 2. I coulda got greedy and tried for 1 7/8, bmusicguy-11/18/1999
3343 Zeb...welcome back...i'm so ;-)stomper-11/18/1999
3342 I got back in, with some strong nibbling yesterday at the close, and just a tinZeb Man-11/18/1999
3341 I'm nibbling on the dips :) IC...eom Investor Clouseau-11/17/1999
3340 Now that Big Dogs pump and dump is over, it is a good time to stock up/get bacmusicguy-11/17/1999
3339 EBLB news with MSFT just hit; (COMTEX) B: Entertainment Boulevard To OffeInvestor Clouseau-11/16/1999
3338 LOS ANGELES, Nov 15, 1999 (ENTERTAINMENT WIRE) -- As announced last week, Reeljeffrey rainey-11/16/1999
3337 too this article off of RB EBLD thread; RESTON, VIRGINIA, U.S.A., 1999 NOV 15 Investor Clouseau-11/15/1999
3336 Full page coverage in WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL...... Road Runner to offer Ejeffrey rainey-11/15/1999
3335 I pulled it off of RB this morning. It had not hit the wires yet. Poster therKatt-000-11/15/1999
3333 Katt, could you tell me where you found that release? I can t seem to find it musicguy-11/15/1999
3332 REDMOND, WA AND LOS ANGELES, Calif. - NOVEMBER 15, 1999 - Microsoft (NASDAQ: MKatt-000-11/15/1999
3331 Chief, I believe that our investment styles are different. I prefer short termGuy.-11/14/1999
3330 Guy, Entertainment Blvd is "early" in their filing of the financialsChief-11/14/1999
3329 Chief those deadlines were stated by EBLD. I was told of two of these deadliVictor Lazlo-11/13/1999
3328 Hi Chief, there is something about the wording of that pr that suggests there&#mik mah-11/13/1999
3327 Dear Chief, I don't except what you said about EBLD being "IN FACT eaGuy.-11/13/1999
3326 Victor, In fact Entertainment Blvd is not TARDY on this filing. According to SChief-11/13/1999
3325 Chief I agree with your summary. My only sad question- How can a co that has aVictor Lazlo-11/13/1999
3324 Mik Mah, This Press Release suggests to me that we are very close to seeing ouChief-11/13/1999
3323 That is one of the funniest posts on SI...... good one. You may even be rightmusicguy-11/12/1999
3322 (PR NEWSWIRE) Entertainment Boulevard Updates Shareholders Entertainment Boulemik mah-11/12/1999
3321 Hey,I hear that the company is filing next week.... (no really....i mean it...Tom_H_68-11/11/1999
3320 Chief, it is a very wise thing you said. I just hope you are right. Right now Guy.-11/10/1999
3319 Jeff, EBLD is laying a very solid foundation from which to build a very successChief-11/10/1999
3318 LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, Nov 10, 1999 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Entertainmentjeffrey rainey-11/10/1999
3317 Filing next week. yeah right... Guy.-11/5/1999
3316 hypester-eomstomper-11/5/1999
3315 several 500 shares buys going off at the ask of 2.375....something is up....loojjetstream-11/5/1999
3314 Guy....filing next week right......:)....*VBG*.....keep the moods goingjjetstream-11/5/1999
3313 we go....its about time.....jjetstream-11/5/1999
3312 Are we looking at the same stock??? Guy.-11/5/1999
3311 We are off and running....jjetstream-11/5/1999
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