Greenspan, Rubin & Co - the Most Irresponsible Team Ever??
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Even some of the most extreme left wing democrats contend that Bill Clinton disgraced the office of the President of the Greatest Nation on earth.

Some contend that Rubin, Greenspan and the rest of the Federal Reserve board have disgraced the Greatest Economy on earth.

Clinton follies have an impact on the way we look at politicians in general. To say the least, it is no big deal as nobody really thinks highly of politicians to begin with, anyway.

But, on the other hand, the follies of the Feds will have profound impact on our lives and livelihood.

The worst thing current irresponsible acts (a la easy money) of the Feds will make the day to day lives of 100s of millions a living hell - possibly for a couple of decades.

Let the Presidential historians examine the last fibre of the semen stained dress. Let them worry about the useless issues like how future will look at Clinton presidensy in general. Let the press focus and analyze in detail the bizzare approval ratings of the President. If you are more concerned about the way this administration in general, the Federal Reserve Board in particular, is handling the economy, perhaps by looking at the polls, this is the place for you. Let us hope that this thread will develop to be a Historian on Fed during the go-go years of the late 90's.

I make no bones about where I stand on this issue. I think Greenspan is a disgrace to this economy. But, if you feel strongly otherwise, please post here. I will throw some points to ponder by the thread.

Has Greenspan sold his soul to his boss Bill CLinton, and .

Does Greenspan think that the Fed has a responsibility to act only when stock prices are falling and they have no obligation to curb speculative fever?

Does Greenspan think that eternal prosperity can be guaranteed to all the participants in the financial market?

Has Greenspan panicked to early in October 1998, when the bubble is about to pop, and reinflated the bubble to even further?

Are Bob Rubin and the IMF are partly to blame the blow-up of SE Asean economies (and, of course, also the Russian economy and the aftermath)?

A little later I will provide some invaluable links to articles, and SI posts who look at this Fed and Greenspan in close-up

In the mean time, fire it away!
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309Wow, amazing to go back and read this stuff now.Dr. Jeff-8/19/2010
308Cynic, this thread was ahead of its time ho ho hoMike M2-11/7/2008
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302If I may take the liberty of extending this abandoned thread to Rubin's clowThomas M.-9/28/2001
301I just finished Roger Lowenstein's excellent book "When Genius Failed: Thomas M.-5/5/2001
300I just finished Roger Lowenstein's excellent book "When Genius Failed: Thomas M.-5/5/2001
299Hey, Mo-mo, I hope you aren't abandoning us. Regardless, I refuse to let thThomas M.-5/5/2001
298Message 15710724Thomas M.-4/24/2001
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293I remember once reading in Grant's that Brown Brothers Harriman is the most Thomas M.-1/22/2001
292Cynic, I think GWB has been told that it is a bubble. His grandfather Sen. PrescMike M2-1/22/2001
291I hope so, but I'll believe it only when I see it. TomThomas M.-1/22/2001
290Bush said no govt bailing out of CA utilities. In essense he said "GFY"Cynic 2005-1/22/2001
289Abelson agrees with me on Arthur Levitt. He is the greatest SEC chair, ever! ---Cynic 2005-1/20/2001
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287Antman suggested: <i>rate cut timed after monthly banking rates set for mThomas M.-1/4/2001
286(The following is entirely my speculation about the situation - do not place anyCynic 2005-1/4/2001
285I remember reading that in good ole days! -g-Cynic 2005-1/4/2001
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