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1170 Mayo Clinic Water cremation>> 1/12th the energy, less pSavant-10/5/2017
1168 Energy generation/Evaporative engine... impractical for now, but very innovativSavant-9/27/2017
1167 Sleep Hearing regeneration in owls msn.comSavant-9/26/2017
1166 Synthetic muscle breakthrough could lead to 'lifelike' robots ResearcSavant-9/22/2017
1165Solar-to-fuel system recycles CO2 to make ethanol and ethylene September 18, 2Savant-9/19/2017
1164 FOIP facial recognition integrated w/ voice, also head tracking/ I can see poSavant-9/12/2017
1163 ZERGNET & a whole lot moreSavant-9/11/2017
1162 MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion New experiments with helium-3 Savant-8/30/2017
1161 More will be found, but so far>> 25 unexplained archaeological finds...sSavant-8/28/2017
1160 Quantum messaging in seawater...possibly up to 900m...& beyond SciSavant-8/28/2017
1159Nanotubule yarn, generates electricity when stretched...v.efficient in re:outputSavant-8/25/2017
1158 Rare films of nuclear bomb tests...digitized for study. Note the number of shiSavant-8/17/2017
1157Beyond Y10K..... The way our world/Universe will end msn.comSavant-8/17/2017
1156 Xenotransplantation retroviral free pigs & Pig 2.0 eGenesisSavant-8/17/2017
1155 Spiders spinning bionic silk, incorporating graphene..... msn.comSavant-8/17/2017
1154 Alternate Fuels/Biofuel/ recycled Fatbergs>>> *A better solution wouSavant-8/16/2017
1153 It's dynamite...TNT Tissue NanoTransfection A new device developed at TheSavant-8/7/2017
1152genetics>>> The Age of Remodeled Humanoids...Is Upon US>>>>Savant-8/5/2017
1151Again...Beware the Electronic Spark>>> *It's all about govt. controSavant-7/31/2017
1150 Nanotechnology...Nanomachines headed for your blood stream... "But last ySavant-7/29/2017
1149 Internet/censorship/AI/surveillance/Facial Recognition/'social credits'Savant-7/27/2017
1148 An international team of researchers led by a group at the Australian National Savant-7/20/2017
1147 Work on Y2K prep finally cancelled after 17 yrs....Time to work on Y10K?? blooSavant-6/16/2017
1146Nanoized Super Water....grows 40% more melons hydroponically Up to 40% more Savant-6/12/2017
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