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29016Oh, gee... now I'm scared... LOL!!! GZGROUND ZERO™-September 17
29015I am warning you right now that the next person than insults me will be insulteWayners-September 17
29014OT Two cannibals are sitting around a camp fire eating a clown. One says to theVendit™1September 13
29013Say again??? LOL!!!! What shit hole country did you come from??? Well, go bacGROUND ZERO™1September 13
29012No joke! "Dyslexia- Dyslexia, also known as reading disorder, is charactereleventh earl of strange-September 13
29011bullshit....I've seen you in that costume before...... you're just a skShoot1st-September 6
29010[graphic]Drunk men jailed ‘after being beaten up by 10-inch squirrel monkeys’ whCapt-September 6 what a weekend. and you..... searching the freeway for warm roadkiShoot1st-September 1
29008[graphic] AP Boinkthem Beach, FL A district attorney in Florida described Wayners2September 1
29007Capt takes his boat for a splash..... [graphic] disturbing as it is..... learShoot1st1September 1
29006Hey FG there is a letter missing...hmmmm FAG?Wayners-September 1
29005Yeah....yeah....yeah...... the only thing you got right is that you've spenShoot1st-September 1
29004Yeah, you're Old School...another way of saying you're 6 months away froCapt-September 1
29003I"m old school.... married all of them. a headache here.....a no there...Shoot1st-September 1
29002Deaf AND Mute ? She have any sisters ? Your keep your "mistress" RubbCapt-September 1
29001Funny...she's deaf/mute........ are you sure you haven't programed yourShoot1st-August 31
29000Grub 29000... GZGROUND ZERO™-August 31
28999Found a book you need for your library....[graphic]Capt-August 31
28998WOW....a whole sentence without errors. (An obvious use of Spell Check.) Capt-August 31
28997You're living proof that artificial intelligence is no match for natural stuGROUND ZERO™1August 31
28996You haven't had Any since it had you...Capt-August 31
28995The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass andGROUND ZERO™-August 31
28994During "pillow talk", you're little missus mentioned she's beeCapt1August 31
28993I'm not Gay....but $20 Bucks is $20 Bucks.Capt-August 31
28992Out of prison after only 13 years... what happened, you blow the warden??? GZGROUND ZERO™1August 30
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