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THIS THREAD IS INTENDED FOR FUN - - SERIOUS PERSONAL ATTACKS ARE NOT TOLERATED... but I suppose if you had any brains at all, you would already know it...

I think it takes a certain interpersonal skill to insult someone successfully.....

Test your skill here before you share it with the rest of the world.

Posters such as Nit-Wit, Winnie Van Scrotum, Fagnatizer, Capt Quayle, and iwishicouldbenchpress550 need special remedial help... the fact is they're helpless, hopeless, and hapless, but we tolerate them anyhow..... oh, don't forget to post to LosingDayTraderKidd, he's now in prison again for child molesting, he can't be helped... let's also welcome scabbypus, now that he finally learned how to read, (the guy's a moron)..... Oh, and Roberta Miller, the make believe accountant, is juggling his clients' books again, a real gonif if I ever saw one..... I see Dr. Doodoo is out of the drunk tank again, maybe he found the error of his ways (yeah, right)... and it seems Shiity has escaped from the cellar once again..... oh, by the way, we better not ignore Slow Eddiot, he might just cry if we ignore him... just remember, he's not an idiot, he's an Eddiot.....

GZ expert on such things
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28983Thats ok Wankers, you were posting to me while you were flossing your teeth... WDayTraderKidd-May 14
28982Weiner, I know I shouldn't have to remind you......but your family has askShoot1st-May 14
28981Yo mama so stupid, she thought Dunkin Donuts was a basket ball team! GZGROUND ZERO™1May 14
28980The only thing you have going for you is momentum. That is mass times velocity.Wayners-May 14
28979Oh Im sorry I wrote DIK instead of DTK, innocent typo error....... my apologiesWayners-May 14
28978Shootie wrote, "I often piss myself while thinking about cows in a barn andWayners-May 14
28977I've heard you actually missed the broad side of a barn...... while sittinShoot1st-May 13
28976Awww ShitFit, that's the nicest thing you have written to me! I missed you Wayners-May 13
28975duh_shit, , "Another explanation of why some species of animals devour theFast Eddie-May 13
28974That was the 2nd time I recommend something for you..... the 1st was FiringShoot1st-May 12
28973Unanimous Insults Thread Video Response to DIK. youtube.comWayners2May 11
28972 The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass anGROUND ZERO™-May 11
28971eheheheh or as they sed in the 50s ,;."ur mother wears combat boots" da_cheif™-May 8
28970ur husband screamed ur name in his ear last nite tooDayTraderKidd-May 8
28969i know ur wife loves u very much.......she screamed ur name in my ear last niteda_cheif™3May 7
28968 No one ever knew you were drunk... until you showed up at work sober... GZGROUND ZERO™1January 14
28967You're jealous... GZGROUND ZERO™-January 14
28966LOL!!! GZGROUND ZERO™-January 14
28965So Slow Eddie........ I was reading your personal information.... and note thaShoot1st-January 14
28964Yes. My supermodel girlfriend left an item of clothing behind and I quickly hadFast Eddie1January 14
28963I used to play here...... but this thread is a real shit hole. I only insult MShoot1st1January 14
28962Are you going to date him if he does?DayTraderKidd-January 14
28961Do you still wear women's clothing??? GZGROUND ZERO™-January 13
28960Hey Round Queero, is you face glazed from tossing your boyfriend's salad tooFast Eddie-January 13
28959 Do you still lick toilets? GZGROUND ZERO™-January 12
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