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Let's devote this forum to sharing the strategies and tactics for non-professional investors with an "intermediate" time horizon of two months to two years. There is no greater teacher than experience, so if you choose to graciously share your successes and failures in the market, or to discuss a current position you hold, may I suggest that you minimize the company specific aspect of it and instead focus on how you found the company, what are your investment criteria, and what would make you reconsider any of your thoughts.

The time horizon for the investment makes fast trading techniques, such as those for SOES trading, or strategies based on very long term theories such as the Kondratief's Wave, Dogs of the Dow, or James O'Shaunessy's Corner Stone not applicable here. Techniques that require careful execution are not practical either. The idea is to discuss what would be practical for someone who can only spend a limited amount of time a week on his or her investment portfolio. Of course this is not to say that the position cannot be held longer than 2 years or less than 2 months, rather that at the time of investment your expectation was to hold it for such a period.

May I suggest that we avoid hyping individual stocks, brokers, softwares, seminars, tapes, videos, books, get-rich schemes, discussions of computers and technology, and devote our time to sharing good common-sense ways to learn investing. Discussions of technical and fundamental analysis are helpful as long as they are accompanied with actual trading strategies that can be understood and used by everyone.

I will cast the first stone and hope that you all share your questions and experiences with the rest of us.

Sun Tzu
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915Your hypothesis is not quite right. Debt matters little when the company is ablSun Tzu-12/13/2016
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902If There’s No Inflation, Why Are Prices Up So Much? By Michael Sivy March Sun Tzu-3/12/2013
901Tracking social media The mood of the market Jun 28th 2012, 12Sun Tzu-7/3/2012
900Once the panic selling stops, [t]URA[/t] and [t]NLR[/t] should prove excellent lSun Tzu-3/16/2011
899Today is the settlement date of the credit default swaps (CDS) issued on Lehman Sun Tzu-10/21/2008
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