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If you ever watch any TV at all, and even if you're as skilled at channel surfing as I claim to be, there's just no avoiding having to watch an occasional commercial every now and then. The very fact that a commercial should capture your attention for its duration, whether it's a 30 second spot or a full-blown infomercial, should be the driving force behind its design, and it seems that some commercials are done so well that the next time you come across it while surfing the channels, you'll actually stop to watch it. On the other hand, some are either so poorly written or just plain stupid that you'll wear out the batteries in your remote control trying to avoid them!

I've never worked in the advertising industry in any capacity. I've started this thread only because I've found myself sitting back in my easy chair and trying to figure out why a particular commercial appeals to me or not. I actually have enough unmitigated audacity about me to have determined on occasion that I could've improved a particular commercial......if only they'd gotten my advice before they aired it! any favorites? For that matter, got any that you consider really, really bad for one reason or another? Tell me about 'em!

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625 Many years ago I worked with a graduate of Julliard, an incredible pianist and Joe Btfsplk-July 17
624 I know you're disappointed. Ah well, there may be other opportunities aAlan Smithee-July 17 amputation is needed? Dang! I was going to offer help. Oh, well....arno-July 17
622MRI says I have a popliteal cyst at the back of the knee and some patellar/tendoAlan Smithee-July 17
621 I know a few people with arthritis in the neck and they say it can be very painNeeka-July 12
620I think I may have brought this problem on myself. You may recall that I moved Ken Adams-July 12
619Ken.............have you seen a doctor about your neck? Getting headaches doesn&Neeka-July 12
618Next worst is the awful Progressive commercial wherein Jamie is coaching singersCarolyn-July 12
617Back on topic, I will never ever buy a Mitsubishi car after having been subjecteCarolyn-July 12
616I think knees are subjected to a lot of abuse in our early years; thus they hurtCarolyn-July 12
615Saved!Carolyn-July 12
614Arnowife had the same problem...well, similar. Had it 'scoped'. It did arno-July 12
613How did the MRI go?arno-July 12
612Luckily I don't have a medicine cabinet. :)arno-July 12
611What I learned from the pillow quiz confirmed what I've been doing. I alreaKen Adams-July 11
610I have a Sleep Number bed and pillows. Same here, and we've actually had thNeeka1July 11
609 Keep us posted please! I have the same problem.Carolyn-July 11
608ghostbed.comAlan Smithee-July 11
607It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s unstable and I get a weird feeling at times thaAlan Smithee-July 11
606I have a Sleep Number bed and pillows. They're about 10 years old and I stiKen Adams-July 11
605 Is your knee really hurting? Unstable? I will look into the pillows.Carolyn-July 11
604I have a GhostBed mattress and two Ghost pillows. Love ‘em. Getting an MRI thAlan Smithee-July 11
603I know people who love them. I also know a few who dislike them as "too higCarolyn-July 11
602LOL! Has he shown up in your medicine cabinet?Carolyn1July 11
601My never ending neck problems have brought me to the brink of ordering "my Ken Adams-July 11
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