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A.I.M Users Group Bulletin Board
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A.I.M. Users Bulletin Board
(Compliments of Silicon Investor!)

Welcome to the AIM Users Bulletin Board. This is the thread to post your thoughts, questions and
comments on the use of Robert Lichello's Automatic Investment Management for handling the risk
of being involved in the Equities markets.

While the AIM book is no longer being reprinted, it is available from Amazon for their Kindle for $5.99.

Mr. Lichello wrote the book on AIM in 1977. In the mid-'80s he put an infomercial on AIM on late night TV
and attempted to sell his workbook and audio tapes.
(1) How To Make $1Million In The Stockmarket Infomercial - 1985 - YouTube
It's a reasonable review of the AIM method for those who are unfamiliar.

When I had to give up the AIM-Users.Com web site we got lucky. It was archived to the following address:
There you can find information, history and related topics about AIM, Twinvest and their uses for
accumulating and managing investments.

U.S. Sector ETF portfolio with AIM's management in my account:

(AIM manages each Sector ETF separately as its own engine. The above image is the composite of all engines)

Latest graph of Stock Market Risk

See Subject 34752 for complete description.

I started using AIM full time in January of 1988, just after the nasty "crash" of '87. Those of us who
have used AIM for a while are willing to help you get started with your own Equity Warehouse. Please feel free to ask questions here on this thread.
With AIM, you can choose stocks and funds for their Long Term investment potential. AIM will take care of
most of your market timing and asset allocation needs while you wait for your stocks to prosper.

AIM for "Rational Exuberance,"
Tom in WI

AIM asks:
“If you were only only willing to risk $10,000 when prices were low, why would you be willing to risk twice
that after prices have doubled?"

Risk Tolerance -

-Do you fully understand the relationship between Risk and Reward?
-Do you fully grasp the concept of Risk Management?
-Knowing that the Marketplace is run by the “Practical Joke Department”, can you accept the risk of being
involved in something that's not completely under your control?

Capabilities -

-Have you studied how Capital Markets work?
-Do you understand Market Psychology?
-Do you understand the basics of small business accounting?
-Can you read and understand financial journals, annual reports and prospectus'?

Time Commitment -

-Knowing your current work and family obligations, do you have time to properly attend to an active portfolio of equities?

-Can you afford a minimum of five minutes per week, per “inventory item” for review and managment?

Financial and Emotional Commitment -

-Have you placed your personal finances in good order? Funds commited to the marketplace must be earmarked so.

-Under “Worst Case” conditions, can you stand the thought of severe loss or “dead money?”

-Have you and your family (or parteners) discussed how failure AND success might affect your lives?

Ability to Make Decisions -

-Don't ignore decision making ability. You will have to make decisions and act upon them on a regular basis.
The business model you have chosen does much of the work for you, but YOU still have to place the orders to buy or sell portions of your inventory. If market conditions are going to affect you in a way as to

paralyse your actions with indecision, this may not be the right business for you.
-Success and failure ride on your shoulders. AIM is contrary to “Groupthink” and “Herd Mentality.” Will you
be able to see the reality of the situation and act when needed?

-Can you live with yourself knowing that at times you will make mistakes? Can you learn from your
mistakes or just re-live them? In this business mistakes have to be “Learning Experiences” no matter how
painful. Can you avoid self-recriminations and "Get over it?"
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18843The v-Wave remains cautious this week with the values unchanged from a week ago.OldAIMGuy2April 14
18842I told that guy to be careful with that bottle of Red Ink. And now he's goneOldAIMGuy-April 10
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18839It's been a while since I posted the v-Wave risk indicator here. I lost acceOldAIMGuy-March 17
18838Here's the v-Wave for this week....................... [graphic] The 3-5 yOldAIMGuy-January 20
18837Looking back on the v-Wave over the last 40+ years we see it's pretty good aOldAIMGuy2January 13
18836Here's my AIM history since AMTD was merged into SCHW.......................OldAIMGuy-12/14/2023
18835The "Large Cap" rally has made for better looking Indexes but hasn'OldAIMGuy111/18/2023
18834We're seeing the mid-Summer, 2023 market risk unwind as the big indexes sag.OldAIMGuy-11/1/2023
18833The v-Wave comes in at its Median value again this week for the 3-5 year outlookOldAIMGuy110/8/2023
18832Welcome to the first week of October. It appears that market risk and index higOldAIMGuy-10/2/2023
18831The end of August left V.I.E.W.s portfolios with modest setbacks from the previoOldAIMGuy29/15/2023
18830Here's the latest view of our v-Wave data...................................OldAIMGuy-9/11/2023
18829The v-Wave was steady at the 3-5 Year measure and relaxed a bit for the 18 MonthOldAIMGuy-8/19/2023
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