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A.I.M Users Group Bulletin Board
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A.I.M. Users Bulletin Board
(Compliments of Silicon Investor!)

Welcome to the AIM Users Bulletin Board. This is the thread to post your thoughts, questions and comments on the use of Robert Lichello's Automatic Investment Management for handling the risk of being involved in the Equities markets.

When I had to give up the AIM-Users.Com web site we got lucky. It was archived to the following address:
There you can find information, history and related topics about AIM, Twinvest and their uses for accumulating and managing investments.

Latest 3 years of AIM use with my Retirement Account:

Latest graph of Larger Cap Market Risk

See Subject 34752
for complete discription.

The AIM strategy Guarantys the user LIFO gains of 20% minimum if the method is followed "by the book." It is ideally suited to those seeking long term investment growth while managing the risk of being invested.

Active AIM Users Bulletin Board:

AIM Users Home Page:

AIM Weekly Newsletter (free):
(Ended in Summer of 2007, but archives available back to 1997)

AIM Stock Examples:

AIM Exchange Traded Fund Example:

Software for AIM accounts:

I started using AIM full time in January of 1988, just after the nasty "crash" of '87. Those of us who have used AIM for a while are willing to help you get started with your own Equity Warehouse. Please feel free to ask questions here on this thread. Also, I've compiled some of the more frequent questions at:

AIM Q&A Page:
Subject 19235

With AIM, you can choose stocks and funds for their Long Term investment potential. AIM will take care of most of your market timing and asset allocation needs while you wait for your tech stocks to prosper.

Newsletter Archives -

AIM for "Rational Exuberance,"
Tom Veale in WI

See Tom's Perverse Investment Candidates
Intro - Expectations and Reality
-You expected someone 6'5”, 210#; The reality is 5'8”,190#
-You expected someone with six-pack abs; The reality is more like a twelve-pack!
-You expected “Ask Jeeves”; The reality is “See if Tom knows.”
-You expected a SuperHero; The reality is you got a family man from Wisconsin.
-You expected James Bond; What you got was Austin Powers!
-This is much like the world of investing. Expectations and reality need to be understood together.

Is AIM a Successful Plan for Investing? YES!

Is Robert Lichello's Model based in reality? YES!

Are there other ways to be successful as investors? YES!

Is there a Safer, more Responsible way to be successful as an investor than AIM? NO!

Treating Investing As A Business

Work smarter, not harder.
Please remember the story of "The Man who was too lazy to fail." He always did everything smarter than the rest so as to save work!

Business Model - Equity Warehouse

Equities are Inventory to be Managed, just like auto parts or plumbing supplies. What is the Warehouse function?
1) maintain inventory to satisfy demand at a profit.
2) maintain liquidity to build inventory at fair prices.

Business Plan - Automatic Investment Management

AIM asks:
“If you were only only willing to risk $10,000 when prices were low, why would you be willing to risk twice that after prices have doubled?"

Risk Tolerance -

-Do you fully understand the relationship between Risk and Reward?
-Do you fully grasp the concept of Risk Management?
-Knowing that the Marketplace is run by the “Practical Joke Department”, can you accept the risk of being involved in something that's not completely under your control?

Capabilities -

-Have you studied how Capital Markets work?
-Do you understand Market Psychology?
-Do you understand the basics of small business accounting?
-Can you read and understand financial journals, annual reports and prospectus'?

Time Commitment -

-Knowing your current work and family obligations, do you have time to properly attend to an active portfolio of equities?

-Can you afford a minimum of five minutes per week, per “inventory item” for review and managment?

Financial and Emotional Commitment -

-Have you placed your personal finances in good order? Funds commited to the marketplace must be earmarked so.

-Under “Worst Case” conditions, can you stand the thought of severe loss or “dead money?”

-Have you and your family (or parteners) discussed how failure AND success might affect your lives?

Ability to Make Decisions -

-Don't ignore decision making ability. You will have to make decisions and act upon them on a regular basis. The business model you have chosen does much of the work for you, but YOU still have to place the orders to buy or sell
portions of your inventory. If market conditions are going to affect you in a way as to paralyse your actions with indecision, this may not be the right business for you.

-Success and failure ride on your shoulders. AIM is contrary to “Groupthink” and “Herd Mentality.” Will you be able to see the reality of the situation and act when needed?

-Can you live with yourself knowing that at times you will make mistakes? Can you learn from your mistakes or just re-live them? In this business mistakes have to be “Learning Experiences” no matter how painful. Can you avoid
self-recriminations and "Get over it?"

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18675This is the story of the Three Bears. Valuation, Speculation and IPO Excess are OldAIMGuy2January 18
18674Yes, overall cash is pretty high and roughly 20%.OldAIMGuy-January 11
18673so in general you are sitting on roughly 20% cash? Thanks for the input, Cheerggamer-January 11
18672This is the 8th week of v-Wave bearish signal. By the end of last week we were sOldAIMGuy2January 9
18671Hi GG, Re: Cash Positions........... I should have included that column. ThanksOldAIMGuy1January 8
18670Are you sitting on a lot of cash right now with such inflating prices? Just curggamer-January 8
186692020 Review......... [Text Chart] All in all a reasonable year considering all OldAIMGuy1January 7
18668Persistently high compared to Short Treasuries leaves no upside room. [graphicOldAIMGuy-12/29/2020
18667How about those new IPOs and Issues??? Is there any effect on the rest of the maOldAIMGuy112/19/2020
18666The cliff beckons them. They prepare the perfect dive. No water below. [graphiOldAIMGuy-12/14/2020
18665Are there no bad bets? Are stocks riding on Space-X? Quick, seal the Hatches! OldAIMGuy-12/10/2020
18664The GTC Limit sell order to liberate 10% of the shares triggered at 9:55AM todayOldAIMGuy211/30/2020
18663Re: IPOs and New Issues....... 2020 will be remembered for many things. One shoOldAIMGuy-11/21/2020
18662It was a busy day at the Equity Warehouse yesterday. One would have thought it wOldAIMGuy311/10/2020
18661Nothing too scary for Halloween.............................. [graphic] ........OldAIMGuy110/26/2020
18660Re: Managing Expectations while managing Inventory............ This stock has rOldAIMGuy210/20/2020
18659Black Monday - October 19, 1987.................... Here's what Wikipedia hOldAIMGuy210/19/2020
18658My U.S. Sector ETF portfolio did not change much thru the end of September but dOldAIMGuy210/9/2020
18657Here's a list of the ETFs I use to represent the S&P 500 sectors. They aOldAIMGuy19/28/2020
18656We'll have to see if Q3 earnings help at all, but at this point earnings areOldAIMGuy29/22/2020
18655Speculation is starting to recede: [graphic] It's taken a couple of weeks oOldAIMGuy39/14/2020
18654Hi G, Re: Buy signals from AIM.................. From a selling target to a buyOldAIMGuy-9/6/2020
18653Does AIM recommend any buys after the last two days drop in stocks like Apple? ggamer-9/6/2020
18652It's days like today that Equal Weight ETFs shine with brighter light. [graOldAIMGuy-9/3/2020
18651Re: Long Term U.S. Domestic Portfolio built from Business Sector ETFs...........OldAIMGuy-9/3/2020
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