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To: nissan who wrote (6921)9/28/2017 10:45:11 AM
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Hi guys,

I echo your sentiments. At the same time, we are still waiting on the elusive TacNav contract and true HTS hardware. It’s these two events that make $12 a distant floor and not the unbreakable ceiling it is now.

KVH is adding in incremental income opportunities which is good for the growth of the reoccurring baseline. They have also added some more Agile plan installation locations. If each location averaged one install a week, KVH would see unit run rate double over the current annual 1k run rate. It seems like a very low bar considering the aggressive all-in pricing plans. They need to improve the hardware and data package to see a true acceleration in growth, however. Other than minor changes, the v7 has been around for 10 years with only a minor increase in data rates. The competition is now offering comparable, if not better, hardware and data packages. The good thing is that the agile plans are still unique and priced very competitively.

For the 1st time in over 2 years, currency exchange rates will work to KVHs favor. Albeit, minor. It’s nice to have this headwind behind us.

And of course, it would be nice to be positively surprised for once. I just don’t think q3 will be that quarter, from a financial perspective, because of the lack of transformative hardware. What happens if TacNav continues to be a dud? They will be guiding lower for Q4, even if Agile plans are taking off. I wonder if that was the plan all along? Get us through 2017 by manipulation so we focus on 2018 and the explosive growth that will happen when they finally offer an HTS product line.

I will feel much better when TacNav or HTS happens. Been waiting for 3 years. Still waiting. And I think we will all be ecstatic if a low cost, mass market FOG is introduced.


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