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To: Roy F who wrote (1650)1/6/2003 8:56:01 AM
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KVHI enters its first MEGA MARKET and with a track record of high quality.

This will be a tremendous boost to their reoccurring subscriber revenue.

May the Gods of explosive revenue growth be with us.

Next step - and I expect it almost immediately will be Trac net (R).This will become a must for busses and airport limo services.Execs can go to work immediately after leaving the airport via the internet.This is a great efficiency tool.If schlotsky's can add it to their sub stores for selling sandwiches - it will be a slam dunk "must have" for Execs to pay $50-$60 for a drive from the airport to downtown.For the Taxi industry this will soon be a "MUST HAVE ITEM".

Together it adds up to $7000 per taxi in KVHI EQUIPMENT.Tell me this won't get the attention of the OEM car makers - eat your heart out Hughes.

By the way if this really gets going (here's just a little dream)KVHI could Buy Hughes (No Monopoly problems) and round out their Satellite portfolio.OK so I've had too much coffee this

KVHI has just entered a huge market with an exclusive product that will introduce all to their complete portfolio of MOBILE ENABLING COMMUNICATION DEVICES and SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES.

This is HUGE and marks another of many watershed events.

KUDOS TO THE MANAGEMENT TEAM - their track record of exclusive innovation as it builds a track record that is of a Predigree level MBA case study story.

I just an thrilled to be in on the bottom of this dynamic company.Our long patience has more than payed off.


This should complete the cup at 11.44 with a 7-21 day handle that shakes 5-21%.

Then my investor compadres we will enjoy the wonderful world of "New America" recent IPO's that lead a market to greater confidence as they blast up thru and toward the BLUE SKY BREAKOUT ZONE -where everybody is making money and the masses want to join in - at a higher price of course.hehehehehe

Congrats to all THIS IS HUGE.

Thank YOU Sector for your diligence and Thank YOU ROY for your patient guidance.


TO DA MOON !!!!!

Sector better get ready for a

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