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To: Roy F who wrote (1616)12/17/2002 8:31:56 AM
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Roy, this paragraph is awesome!

<< "We are gratified that KVH's mobile satellite systems are helping emergency responders nationwide assess and react appropriately to the life- and-death crises that they face while serving our communities," said Martin Kits van Heyningen, president and CEO of KVH Industries. "Satellite services offer unmatched versatility and scope with coverage and real-time information available nationwide and in our coastal waters. In addition to the entertainment value that has made our products the leader in both the marine and land mobile consumer markets, we are now seeing the value to emergency and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, including the U.S. Coast Guard, FBI, and Federal Emergency Management Agency, as well as regional and international airports, and emergency management teams, like those in Hunterdon County. We at KVH are very proud to be providing the tools that help these organizations carry out their mission." >>

FEMA and the Coast Guard are moving to the new Homeland Security department. Homeland Security needs alone could drive KVH antenna sales in the future, especially with the low-profile antenna available, hopefully VERY soon.

To: Roy F who wrote (1616)12/17/2002 10:03:15 AM
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Here is a picture of Hunterdon County's Mobile Command Center.

NIce dome!

The KVH site now has additional pictures

To: Roy F who wrote (1616)12/18/2002 8:02:17 AM
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This Hunterdon County vehicle is soon to be an atypical part of Counties with large populations. You can also bet that those forecasts we've been seeing from the mobile home people since last June, were telegraphing this Homeland Security Application.

As reports from the trade show by most of the manufacturers demonstrate, Sales are continuing up. In essence we have new demand coming in because new applications like this vehicle are growing under the Homeland Security Umbrella.

Mobile command centers can be quite easily rationalized under the 1st mandate of the government; ie public safety.

If terrorists attack a metro police department, and that department is severely crippled, the outcry would be loud and long. This type of vehicle gives local systems 3 key features; survivability,redundancy, and connectivity in a crisis.

Maybe a slice of MNC is in order here.

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