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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1343)7/30/2002 2:22:10 AM
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A few posts from the Yahoo! thread yesterday. I suspect today's news could be the catalyst for a move to a higher range.

This news is significant. How many OTHER companies can claim an entire Congressional Delegation CAME TO THEM to praise their defense and anti-terrorism efforts? And how about the wording of Senator Reed's comments!

<< Addressing the KVH employees, Senator Reed declared, "Your technology, your innovation, and your ingenuity have made our fighting forces superior to any other in the field. The TACNAV system, fiber optic gyros, and digital sensors can mean the difference between success and failure, life and death.

This company is going to be on the cutting edge of our military development. We’re developing new forces, like the Interim Brigade Combat Team, that are lighter and faster. What we trade off in armor, we need to make up for with information, sensors, and technology. KVH will play a major part in this effort."

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