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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1316)7/17/2002 8:03:58 AM
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Hi Sector,

This is perhaps the most powerful growth market that would be instantly huge - with existing technology.

We all know KVHI wants to be just a component manufacturer.

Coupling with a well known lead project defense contractor like L-3 now accelerates the liklihood of fast implementation.

Let's face it waiting for Honeywell to share the Honey hole with KVHI on their deal with Boeing for the JDAM - might never happen.

Now coupling with L-3 as an alternate source - on a competitive bid basis - might well get them all the excess demand.

I can see the government liking the idea of bidding for the lion's share with the second source of total production.In the past I thought KVHI's second source had to bust into the Boeing contract- that would be very political and slow.

This approach is superior and offers a very exciting multiple factor of annual sales.

When approved it could be instantaneous- with sales in the hundred million range with just a small percent of total production.This ballons if the government retros the entire arsenal.

Here's a great picture of the JDAM as taken off KVHI's Website:

Earnings tomorrow - I can't wait.Hoping for a plus number at last!!!


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