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Dear Digital Power Report Subscriber:

If you've been investing in the Power Panel companies we've been writing about, you've seen your investments more than double this year. In fact, if you entered the market in April, your average portfolio has tripled in value.

What's the key to making these selections? A detailed understanding of the advanced technology being developed by these market leaders to deliver High Nines power to the power-thirsty global Internet economy..

HOW will that power be delivered? And more important, WHO will deliver the necessary infrastructure?

That's what you will learn at Powercosm II -- Powering the Platform on December 6th - 8th in New Orleans.

We'll be examining who will power antennas and lasers and the increasingly power-hungry portables and palmtops which are rapidly becoming the base of mobile, Internet communications.

Key players in this expansive market will spend an intensive two and a half days with our subscribers evaluating the technologies and the market demands of the power platform.

Hear directly from the CEOs from Softswitch Technologies, KVH Industries, Metallic Power, International Rectifier, Proton Energy Systems, Power-One, Evergreen Solar, Capstone Turbine, FuelCell Energy, American Superconductor, Power Distributors and more !

And, we'll feature visionary insights from our friend and mentor George Gilder. The power demands of the Telecosm are far more significant than Wall Street realizes -- You can be the first to discover these new investment opportunities.

There's a lot of fresh ground to cover which you can take home and use to plan your 2001 investment strategy -- you must understand the market demand and the emerging technologies to supply that demand in order to make prudent investment decisions.

We have reserved 200 seats for Digital Power Report subscribers. You know the market and for you this conference is Mission Critical to understanding where these key investable companies are going. Some of you have told us your didn't receive this month's issue as quickly as normal, even though we mailed it at the normal time -- that's why we've extended the subscriber-only response deadline through the end of this month.

We encourage you to reserve your place at Powercosm II today. The seats are filling up and we open the registration to the general investor public on November 1st. Don't delay and end up on the conference waiting list -- that's what happened to subscribers who waited to sign up for our introductory conference last June.

The current agenda and registration materials can be found easily at Otherwise go straight to to reserve your conference place and make sure you are at the head of the curve in making the right investment decisions for 2001.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!


Peter Huber and Mark Mills

PS: In case you think these days will just be hard work, rest assured we've planned a number of special entertainment events for delegates and their guests. As an added bonus, your registration also includes a full set of audio recordings so you can revisit the technical presentations after the conference.

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