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To: Roy F who wrote (564)10/16/2000 7:38:56 PM
From: robert b furman  Respond to of 7024
Hi Roy,

Let's take it one step at a time.

1) Communication sales get us in the black.

2) Fog provides 20-25 % growth rates

3)Mr Dalton implements fiber optic patent into many optical products and we get a multiple like JDSU or NEWP gets.

Of course by then I'll be living in the gulf of Mexico on my 62 foot Hatteras with twin 26" radomes with Trac Vision on one and Trac Phone on the other.Hopefully Mr Trimble can sell me one of his Navigation systems - unless of course KVH has one for sport boats by then.I'll put it right next to my Azymith 2000 digital compass.

I think it is really exciting that Kit can attract such high caliber brains as consultants and directors.

It is also neat to see KVH's products rotate from high dollar toys to communication devices and fog electrical current sensors.

Thanks for the great post!!!


P.S. I picked up some more KVHI as it dipped below 6 - didn't get enough as it popped up and quit trading. Not much float out there anymore.

I think we're due for a pop soon.

To: Roy F who wrote (564)10/16/2000 8:35:06 PM
From: Sector Investor  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 7024
PEOPLE! Do you realize what it means when a man of this stature joins the KVH advisory board and says this!

""I was impressed by KVH's photonic fiber technology and ideas for improving that technology, so I accepted the position and am looking forward to providing input on their ongoing product developments," commented Dr. Dalton."

and when our CEO says this!

"His insight will accelerate our efforts in the optical omponents market for,b> all-fiber optical networking. It is a tremendous honor for us to have someone of his stature helping guide our new fiber optic product developments by sitting on our technical advisory board."

You will when you look through these links.

Oh my! Look at this!

"The materials are used to create polymeric electro-optic modulators, or "opto-chips." These microscopic devices perform functions such as translating electrical signals -- television, computer, telephone and radar -- into optical signals at rates up to 100 gigabytes per second (a gigabyte is 1 billion bytes).

Polymeric electro-optic materials can achieve information-processing speeds as great as 10 times those of current electronic devices and have significantly greater bandwidths than electro-optic crystals currently in use.

In addition, the new materials require a fraction of a volt of electricity to operate, less than one-sixth what the crystals require."

On electro-optic modulators

Larry Dalton Papers

Larry dalton selected publications

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