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To: Sector Investor who wrote (455)5/19/2000 6:38:00 PM
From: robert b furman  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 7013
Hi Sector,

Thanks for the excellent report.FOG is the future story.If military and communication can absorb the total overhead,then FOG with better margins and growth potential can truly become a great success story.I think we've got a winner on our hands.

I would have thought that in all this NAZ crashing going on I could have accumulated some more at the bargain counter.

Just wish these darn flowery reports from impressed stockholders would quit propping up the stock.< gleeful smile>

It has been a rock of late.

Once again, thanks for the great detail.


To: Sector Investor who wrote (455)5/20/2000 8:10:00 AM
From: telecosm  Respond to of 7013

Excellent DD and report. Great Job !! Give me the confidence to buy more KVHI.

BTW, what other stocks besides MRVC and KVHI do you like ?

Since you are in the Chicago area, have you look into ISCO ? Are you a fan of XDSL's DVDDS ?


To: Sector Investor who wrote (455)7/12/2000 8:07:56 PM
From: MikeM54321  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 7013
"Any application that has very stringent stability requirements, such as a large antenna pointing at a satellite, or a camera or other optical device mounted on a building or even a moving vehicle, can benefit from FOG technology. The FOG senses any "movement", however large or minute, and immediately feeds this information into a servo-mechanism. The servo counteracts the motion measured by the FOG, keeping the platform completely stable."

Sector- I somehow missed your tour notes when you originally posted it. I just went back and read them. Thanks for the detailed notes. The above excerpt is out of those notes.

During your tour, no one mentioned the FOG application with regards to fiberless optic access? As you recall, I mentioned to you that I thought, but was not certain, I had read of some kind of connection between FOG and the fiberless equipment players such as, TeraBeam, fSONA, Jolt, etc. I just don't remember who it was.

From your notes, it sure seems like this would be an excellent solution to the alignment problem lasers have. A problem caused by building sway. Have you run across any comments about FOG in this regard? Thanks. -MikeM(From Florida)

PS I'm not sure what the monetary value of the NFL contract would be, but how about a little bug in the lower right hand corner flashing, "First down marker provided by KVH Industries," once in awhile. That is where there might be real value.

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