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To: aknahow who wrote (20760)10/4/2017 8:46:08 PM
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It is logical that Google would not use its' P.r. moment to promote component makers. Nor in fact rermit them to step on Googles" message.

I saw an article about smartphones in the V.S. press book. Will we see that article again? I not only hope so but think we will.

To: aknahow who wrote (20760)10/7/2017 8:37:41 AM
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Was there a PR from RFI that I missed?
Was there a PR from Vision Systems that I missed?


So, are you on a wild conjecture about words like, "could" and "and/or"? That is even a stretch for an old RFI apostle like you.

Doesn't sound like "news" to me.........more like wild foundless are not even speculating.
Again, you have nothing. And the SP shows you have nothing.

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