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To: dvdw© who wrote (78)9/27/2017 9:03:48 PM
From: koan  Respond to of 229
You are right I have no idea what that posts says. Neither does anyone else I think :).>

Especially that first paragraph.

AI, the singularity, will be about complex thought, higher order thinking.

What that will turn out to be, who knows, only that we had better learn to think logically and in complex manner.

Ordinary thinking will not cut it any more.

Brave new world.


That POV is right up your alley....cognitive dissonance and all that goes with it boils down to the biology of inadequate belief.

Momentum comes and goes as fashions dictate.

Counting lines of output and input, are governed under the terms of counter programming Popper. RO/RS=CF This equation replaces e=mc2 but you will never get it.

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