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Gold/Mining/Energy : Inventus Mining Corp - IVS -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: StemuliteWorks who wrote (66)4/26/2016 10:16:28 AM
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Gold Rush and the Bering Sea Gold -

Yes I've watched Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold, not every season or episode, not even close to that. The problem I see with your minimum wage worker thesis, is these are not public trades companies i.e Gold Rush and most don't own claims they work and pay the claims owner a percentage for working his claim.
I apologize for being so Blunt, but how to say it any other way ??

Apples and Oranges

Inventus has many claims and there are fees associated with the those claims to keep them in good standing, Inventus holds a 133 sq kilometers of claims. This not the stuff of small claims or in some cases leases.

Also a Publicly Traded company has a lot of liabilities they can face with the SEC. Therefore as a Publicly Traded company they just don't need the liability of minimum wage workers sitting around the Core Shack or Camp Fire listening to what's being said.

I'm quite sure extensive background checks are done on all employees. Just one instance of an employee opening his mouth to a Friend or even his wife (who has friends) in the way of insider information or opening his mouth during a quiet period, could cause serious damage and the possible demise of the company under the rules of the SEC.

I like the good ol' boy stories of guys trying to strike pay dirt with bubblegum, 100mph tape and Baling Wire as engineering tools for repairs.

But Gold Rush are not Publicly Traded Companies with responsibilities to Shareholders, the SEC, other Projects ongoing, CEO's, CFO's, Board of Directors or highly reputable people and other companies involved.

But let's say they did hire 2 minimum wagers. At 15 bucks a hour thats at least $61K a year plus Health Care.
So they would have to find about a 1000 oz a year, just to pay for their Salary and benefits.

The gold is minut particles within the Conclomerate. There is no way to get to it without being able to get bulk material that requires Permitting, once permitted for blasting (not just Drilling) they would have to do Blast to break apart the Conglomerate. Then you would have to have crushers and equipment to sort the gold out along with an equipment and maintenance budget. Are you going to trust two minimum wage workers to do the Blasting and Maintenance on the Equipment? Yep, just hire two minimum wagers and say Get-er Done.

Even the explanations above are simplified for posting purposes.

You almost, seem to say it with authority Stem, it won't be Bulk Sampling, but Mining Operations and Production with Revenue Next Quarter Full Report. "You will see"

Where and how do you see and know this ? The Program in Lativa is far to young to bring in any Revenue, so where is this source of Revenue Coming from? PARDO next Quarter? Really!

"Basically I believe they know this "bulk sample" really is not a sample at all. Rather, it is the commencement of the lowest cost per ounce mining operation in the world......"
"In our case with Inventus however we have a huge advantage over most types of mining operations because of the nature of the deposit. I still hold the contention that there will be no samples, only will see. "PS: There will be revenue to report in the next full quarterly report.....

McEwen would be the first one to tell you that Permitting, etc. for each Stage of Mining is sloooow and bogged down with way to much Red Tape and needs to be streamlined, nothing happens overnight or in a Quarter or two.

But who knows, I hope


I, for sure don't know.

But we sure could use some upward Share Price Stimulation !