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Politics : A Real American President: Donald Trump -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: SmoothSail who wrote (255307)1/8/2021 9:21:31 AM
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John Chen

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Best post - ever

To: SmoothSail who wrote (255307)1/8/2021 1:00:34 PM
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The only reply to that from me is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To: SmoothSail who wrote (255307)1/8/2021 3:09:04 PM
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Hi Smooth Sail....OMG---That post is a keeper of all keepers.... People forget they had a choice of Trump or Hillary. I wasn't fond of Trump at first...but knew he had a business background, and one of which could be one of the harshest ones to survive in...Especially in NY State! Hillary had/has done nothing except be a drain on our Country's finances.

When one considers what the Dems, the Media and just plain opposition and demolition of his character over his entire 4 years in office, plus the year before he was really beggars the imagination as to how he could even attempt all the items he accomplished.

Items like:

--CoVid-19 for the 2020 year, from start to vaccine in 10 months (even experts said couldn’t be done…)

--regular Presidential Business,

--trips all over the world attempting to see if any sort of reason could be had with countries in the Middle East, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, China,

--working on Judicial Candidates and Nominations, etc.

--In addition, putting up with likes of Nancy Pelosi (the time she tore up in spite of being in a chair that used to mean something,

--Chuck Schumer talking and sending arrows to Trump each and every time he opened his mouth…

--The FBI top level nuts spying on him and the campaign, (and NOTHING to date done about that either by anyone),

--directing that thousands of pages had to be assembled by his staff to accommodate the House and any other legal body that requested them…

--Muller and Horwitz reports of 40+ million each, and no evidence,

--his IRS reports, and since there was nothing the media wanted to see, on they went....

-- the 2 year + long investigation of Trump, his business, friends, and family and still nothing, but time and money wasting, continued carping from various networks telling lies,

--the non-publication or acceptance of any problem Biden and his son have which will affect the Presidency,

-- and so many other headaches from people who couldn't find their way out of a paper sack if they were paid to do so. --handling and working for his re-election

--Finding there was “no widespread” fraud (but those that said that didn’t recognize the actual fraud in several key states…I wonder HOW MUCH FRAUD IN AN ELECTION, is OK?

--Do we think that we will ever see the Durbin report??? And how much that cost taxpayers?

Also, there were 100,000's +++ people between the Capitol and on the Mall on Wednesday Jan 6th. And yet, the major media of all sorts, continues to say "The Trump Supporters were the ones that overtook the entire Capitol Buildings...."

ALL of the Trump Supporters (again at least 10's of Thousands) there that day were NOT there to pillage and burn the Capitol, nor did they even attempt to do so.

Instead, it is up to us to remind the Media and others that in fact, the MAJORITY of the people there that day, DID NOT enter the Capitol Buildings NOR did they do any damage! ....

Hope all is well with you! I'm better finally (with fingers of both hands crossed!)