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I wholeheartedly agree Glenn. While not quite a deep pocketed angel as some (INTEL)(APPLE). I think Blackberry can't be ruled out. Their Legacy product has gone by the wayside now. I say this now because I saw Kodak miss the boat with the cell phone. I know it does take some vision. Just maybe with some tweaking. The Blade 3000 has potential to be a Legacy product with a partner who can write software and improve on deficiencies that might exist? I think Travers knows the enterprise field will buy Vuzix time to develop a legacy consumer product with a good partner. After all, I know Travers has vision to think forward. RE-The cell phone will be replaced by this AR/VR technology someday. I know I might be a little partial because of my location to 2 big fortune 500 companies. :+ ) and one little dink visionary Rochester AR company. Those of us with some business history know the Steve Jobs story with the Xerox mouse, especially, Rochesterians. It's Ironic to think the company Jobs co-founded in personal computers is not as much product dependent on the computer. This as much it is the cell phone today. IMO It just shows why technology companies can't be complacent, and have to be prepared for the future with forward thinking.

Your story also reminds me of Xerox coming out with the Color Copier way before it's time.

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