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To: Pravin Kamdar who wrote (20856)10/5/2017 5:24:15 PM
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"8700K is pre-order, stock due this month fingers crossed but Intel are very short, likewise for i5-8600K as well, minimal stocks unfortunately. "

Gibbo at

Some, admittedly selected, comments from the same thread:

"Been 5 years since my build, and motherboard is starting to die, I've held off for gen8 and now looking at the prices, I'm wondering if Ryzen is really good option to go to. I'm going full spec with a 1080 ti for gaming at 4k and I do a fair amount of video editing."

"If prices are ridiculous / stock issues i will most probably go for a Ryzen too"

"Me, too."

"I'm 95% certain I'm going Ryzen instead of 8700k or X299 platform now. The upgrade path is more wallet friendly and gaming at 1440p; it's more GPU orientated anyway and am I really going to notice the difference between the chips with a 1080Ti for example?"

"If I can't get what I want until Nov/Dec, I will wait and see if Ryzen 2 brings clock speed improvements in Feb in all honesty."

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