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"All I will say is Coffee Lake is very short, like practically zero availability of the K versions.
I forsee most who were planning an upgrade just getting a Kaby lake or Ryzen."

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PS. Pricey graphics cards from Nvidia may actually help AMD CPU sales in the gaming segment, as wise gamers know that they can achieve better performance by saving a little on CPU and put the savings towards a high-end GPU. From the same thread at Overclockers forums:

"I just don't know what to do. For a purely gaming rig I know that Intel mainstream will likely produce the best performance. I remember switching from a 6700k to a 5820k thinking I'd notice an improvement and I didn't, like at all. I imagine the 7820x would be that scenario all over again, no improvement at all with 2 extra cores over the mainstream i7. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted by Ryzen, but I suffer from buyers remorse, and even if I was only 10fps short on a benchmark, I'd be wishing I had the cpu with better results (as silly as it sounds). However with my budget, I could build a Ryzen rig that would allow me to use the difference saved and pick up a 1080ti. The sensible part of me realises that a 1700 and 1080ti is going to be better than an i7 and 1080 at higher resolutions. Infact using my intel logic above I even thought about saving even more and going with a 1600, as 8 cores just aren't needed for gaming (by the time they are we'll be 3 or 4 cpu generations forward at least), and we know for certain the 8700k isn't going to be anywhere near the Ryzen 5 in price....Decisions, decisions.... "

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