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To: phlegmish who wrote (43048)1/3/2013 6:11:06 AM
From: GROUND ZERO™  Respond to of 194676
Thanks, I presume you were directing your comments to me... I very much appreciate them... I fully agree with you, things have changed for the worst, especially for the self motivated well educated successful individuals, and this is why I've gone completely Galt as of 2012, this government will not get another cent from me this tax season... most definitely, see you on the bike trail, it's lots of fun, great fresh air and beautiful scenery along the way, enjoy!!!


To: phlegmish who wrote (43048)1/3/2013 6:59:18 AM
From: Follies3 Recommendations  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 194676
Going Galt to me is more than the government no longer gets my taxes, it is society no longer benefits from my actions. Phlemgish giving up practicing medicine not only deprives the government of taxes but deprives society of his medicinal skills. This is a fundamental factor which the left and class warriors don't see. When Obama says you don't need more than a million dollars he is ignoring the fact that you are providing a service and a benefit to society that you will no longer be providing if you stop working at a million. If no one made more than a million dollars our GDP would shrink.

To: phlegmish who wrote (43048)1/3/2013 11:01:20 AM
From: Kirk ©  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 194676
Do you ever wonder where all the money we are spending is going?
I don't post often, but when I do....
quality over quantity works well
Have been mostly lurking for years, actually since the early days, back on Suite 101.
What was your handle there? We had a great group but for a few trouble makers. GZ does well to keep them away here.
As an MD, I am totally fed up with what the government and insurance companies have done to our profession, the ridiculous regulations, the mandated EMRs that were shoved down our throats by Obama, the ridiculously long days for an ever shrinking paycheck (I make 45% of what I made in 2000), and now, as an evil 2%er, having a target placed on my back by the new tax code is really the final straw.
Who is making all the money? The insurance companies and hospital administrators and builders? Here we have some very new hospitals paid in big part with higher taxes and yet I'm paying a fortune for a high deductible plan with a grandfather clause that is supposed to protect me if I get some disease that costs a fortune every year to treat since it has no cap. A friend has the same policy, supposed to limit to around $9K a year in payments above $6K in premiums... and yet they refused to pay for some of his knee surgery work (too much hiking and coaching soccer) so he had to pay far more than double...
Unlike my business partners, I have saved fastidiously, and am in a position to walk away shortly.
Good for you! I am always amazed at how little people who make far more than I save...
in a position to walk away shortly. I plan to work 25% less this year, and will prob make 45% less than last year, which gets me well under the highest tax rate
Makes sense. I left engineering when in part I was frustrated at how hard regular engineers worked and all the HUGE gains went to a very few upper managers who for the last decade were protected from paying the same taxes on gains as workers did because they took salary in stock and stock options. When the system isn't fair to the workers, the productive do less. Common economic sense.... yet our tax code continues to punish those who play the game fairly and reward those who don't want to work hard since that is where you get political contributions (the 2%) and votes (the 47%.)