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To: TimF who wrote (1407)8/22/2017 4:51:04 PM
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While I'm glad to see that major websites blocking adblockers were seeing a negative affect from doing so, that article was published more than a year ago. I'd be interested to see if the trend has continued.

I wouldn't mind ads on webpages if many of them weren't so intrusive. Ones that flash or block content are awful. The situation on mobile devices is even worse, many sites are essentially unusable due to blocking ads and slow loading, so I go back to my computer and view the sites with an adblocker if I really want to see them.

To: TimF who wrote (1407)8/23/2017 12:03:46 AM
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Likely a contributing factor is the adblocker blocker probably misfires enough and pisses off those that do not use adblocker as well.

Am I incorrect in saying that the more traffic to a site, the more that the site can demand in advertising $?

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