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To: Elroy who wrote (5)8/5/2014 3:09:44 PM
From: EL KABONG!!!  Respond to of 11
I no longer follow individual stocks. I did real quickly eyeball the price and volume history as well as the company's numbers, and I'd agree with your implied assessment of the stock appearing to have a favorable long term outlook. However, the stock has moved from 17+ to 27+ in less than a year, so any enthusiasm generated by the quarterly report should be tempered by the belief that the good news is already priced into the stock, and any short term hoped for gains would require continued good news. If I were looking to invest in TSRA, I'd likely wait for some correction maybe to the 23/24 range and then cautiously buy long. I'm not as afraid of this stock's performance as I am afraid of a general market decline for the near term future, with domestic stocks/markets taking off again after that. As we all know, but few admit, no matter how bad things look for domestic stock markets, they are far safer than foreign markets right now. So foreign investors will continue to invest the bulk of their cash in the USA as opposed to risking it elsewhere at possible lower rates of return.


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