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Re: MT

Grahmn Number valuations model shows MT 87% undervalued w/ fair value at $48.39/share. GN is based on BV (BV=$33.46/share), debt (@ $14.16Bln) and EPS (@ $3.18/share).

No dividend but appears to be a good value play. Net Income to total debt only 4.29x which is close to Buffet's 4x amount.

Generally it's hard to find an undervalued company (using the GN model) where net income to total debt is 4x or less. Many of my candidate stocks are 10x or more.

So the risk/reward on this pick looks pretty good.

My portfolio already too over weighted w/ natural resource/mining companies so will pass on this name. Have not heard of it and/or followed the company but value metrics seem to look pretty good.


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SCHN - Sold 4,000 at $33.40 = $133,600. Profit of $20,800.

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