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To: da_cheif™ who wrote (14177)3/22/2004 2:27:57 AM
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Why was NAS at 100 in 1982, only 200 in 1990 and only 500 in 1995.......

Ask yourself - credit boom, plain and simple. Drove this whole inflationist scam of a rally. 75% earnings since 1980 inflation driven!

NAS double digits before bottom.

To: da_cheif™ who wrote (14177)3/22/2004 9:16:42 AM
From: current trend  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 119134
One Dow Theorist bearish, two bullish!!!

The reason there is room for disagreement about Russell's interpretation is that Hamilton was not precise about how serious a correction is needed to satisfy Step No. 1. Not every correction will do, of course, since some corrections last only a couple of hours, while others last weeks or months.

Some other Dow Theorists believe that the late January/early February correction was neither long enough nor deep enough to qualify. For the DJIA, that correction lasted only 7 days and shed just 2.2 percent from the average's value. For the DJTA the correction was only marginally longer (9 days) and deeper (8.4 percent).

And if that correction doesn't qualify, then no sell signal was generated on Wednesday -- leaving intact the last signal that was generated by the Dow Theory.

Both of the other Dow Theorists the HFD tracks -- Richard Moroney of Dow Theory Forecasts, and Jack Schannep of -- believe that this last signal was a buy signal. They therefore remain bullish.

So there you have it -- one Dow Theorist bearish, two bullish.

Why, oh why, couldn't Hamilton have been clearer?

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