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To: mas_ who wrote (218546)12/1/2006 8:45:30 PM
From: dougSF30Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 275869
"load of imaginary twaddle" does describe the AMD exec's assertion that they are launching Barcelona for 8000-series only, first, *followed by*, 2000-series, *followed by* 1000 & A64, because "it will benefit 4-socket & above most" (paraphrase)

The real reason? A 300mm^2 die is not going to yield well, so the costs will be high, and the volumes low at first, so we have to sell them for as much as possible, and that means 8000-series, then 2000-series, then the rest. It'll be a "trickle launch". There's nothing wrong with that, it makes sense, so why spout a bunch of twaddle like he did?

"early next year" does seem to rule out more information in 2 weeks, and it would not be at all surprising if another spin (or two, or three) was required to achieve AMD's clock speed goals by launch. And "more information on performance" will have to involve non-simulation, and I'm assuming it shouldn't take a couple months to go from booting Windows Server 2003 to running benchmarks, so I conclude they want a new spin before they release the first real data. Is that so hard to believe?

It's easy to simply hurl insults-- how about a thoughtful reply next time? I'm guessing you read the article, thought that portion was "good news", and got angry when I thought it was actually a bit of a negative, and said so. And then, I had the gall to quote the part about the staggered launch, starting with the smallest market segment, and so I got insults in response.

To: mas_ who wrote (218546)12/2/2006 7:46:46 AM
From: RinkRead Replies (1) | Respond to of 275869
Mas, re: What a complete load of imaginary twaddle you just made up there, all of it, do please keep taking the happy blue pills because the end results are highly amusing.

Please talk arguments instead of emotion. Let's go over DougSF's post and see if your above reply was a normal one.

1. Early next year? Nothing more at A-day? I guess they want another spin first?
I too think AMD needs another spin e.g. to get the frequency up to launch speeds in order to provide real benchmarks applicable to the top launch speed. Is this thought from Doug (and me too) really so weird that you need to insult him?

2. This makes the launch sound like a "trickle launch".
Well I think it's more of a full launch as I think all products from the 8000 series down to QC FX will be launched within the timeframe of some 4 months (8000 first, then 2000, then 1000 which presumably coincides with QC FX which according to a previous article is due Q3/07). Still they start with the lowest volume product which is at least a reason to call this a trickle launch. I would not call it like that personally, but I'm an AMD investor, so I understand that my point of view differs from Doug's. Again: I know there's a multitude of reasons (real reasons and wrong reasons incl $$) why I am looking at the raw diamond called the truth from a different angle.

3. I guess it makes sense, given the cost involved with producing functional 300mm^2 dies
When ramping any new die it makes sense to start with the lowest volume high value products, especially so when the die is large to begin with. A later post of you mentions that Barcelona is 286mm2 (that's the figure I was just looking for btw, tx). It's only a 5% difference with the 300mm2 that Doug mentioned. The 300mm2 was only a slightly roughish estimate that Doug and Paul talked about yesterday and fafaik it was found reasonable then. So where in this do you find a need to create another insult?

4. "We really think that the sweet spot for Barcelona is four-socket machines, since these boxes have the kinds of workloads that can take the best advantage of threads and cores" ...
That last quote is funny. A bunch of baloney, instead of the real reason.

AMD is right to say Barcelona will see most advantage in 4S because that's where HTT3 improves bandwidth and latency the most. Still I for one agree with Doug it has a lot to do with ramping a low volume high value product, especially when it's large. I think there are many more here that see both arguments (AMD's and Doug's).

DougSF has left out the insults in his posts to you. I've requested you to do the same yesterday (no posts insulting each other without hard data; the volume of those is way too high). I'm asking you kindly one last time. I'd for instance appreciate it if you would reply to this post without insulting Doug without prove.