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To: Frank A. Coluccio who wrote (46055)10/2/2017 7:37:50 PM
From: axial  Respond to of 46642
'... I've done further digging (by no means exhaustive) and can't find anything in the trades or literature corroborating the larger message behind the release: "Putting the Internet on an energy diet." '

— Same here. That was what triggered my query to you. That fact must be weighed against the company's origins, genetics and bona fides.

'Since this is something that directly touches on my own areas of interest, I'll do a more exhaustive search. and call the company sometime this week and ask for clarifications. One way or the other, I'll get back here with my finding.'

— There'll be more discerning questions (and likelihood of answers) thru you than via muggles like me.

'The more I think about this claim, the more unlikely it seems.'

— Yes. Probably time and attention has been captured by marketing and hype. But, maybe not. Looking forward to your evaluation.


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